1 ½ Storey Living – What To Do With Your Top Floor

1 ½ Storey Living – What To Do With Your Top Floor

1 ½ storey living is not a common concept amongst new builds, and that’s why we love our ‘modern bungalow’ house types. The Hamer in particular has a spacious ground floor that contains two bedrooms, leaving the entire top floor as an open plan space with an en-suite bathroom to finish it off. This original and unique house type by Miller Homes has certainly caught a lot of buyers’ attention, so today we thought we’d talk about what you could do with the top floor of your 1 ½ storey home.

Our Hamer bungalow is 1385 ft². On the ground floor you’ll find the living room, open-plan kitchen and dining room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Your top floor is left purposefully open and neutral so it can be used in many different ways. Currently, you’ll only find the Hamer at Turnstone Grange in Congleton, Cheshire, but following positive feedback we’ll certainly be bringing more modern bungalows to the mix. The next being our development Montague Place in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

If you’re interested in 1 ½ storey living, here’s some ideas for what you can do with your top floor.

First Floor Ideas For Your 1 ½ Storey Home

Principal Bedroom

A classic option for your top floor might be to use it as a principal bedroom; the en-suite bathroom makes this option particularly appealing. Using the top floor as a bedroom means you can separate your sleeping space from your living space – which is especially attractive if you’re currently working from home. If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and see it as your sanctuary, then this might be the most appropriate choice.

Home Office

In 2020, around 50% of the working population in the UK were working from home according to the ONS. Attitudes have changed and it’s likely that home working (to some degree) will continue long after the current pandemic is over. As such, it may be beneficial to have a dedicated home office space which you can separate from your living space. The top floor of a 1 ½ storey home is simply ideal. The upstairs bathroom means you can use this large area as a private workspace, enabling you to close the door and head downstairs at the end of your working day. What a perfect way to create a work/life balance. If this sounds like the best option for you, then why not read our blog on styling your home office with Gemma Schofield for design inspiration?

Gym & Yoga Space

When we’re not able to access the gym, many of us turn to home workouts to help keep our physical and mental wellbeing in check. If you’re particularly active, you might consider transforming your top floor into a home gym or yoga studio. The impressive square footage is a particular bonus here, giving you plenty of space for equipment, and you even have your own personal gym shower within the en-suite bathroom. Or perhaps you took up yoga during lockdown, maybe you’re even an instructor? What better a place to host Zoom sessions than your own intimate studio. Style your home gym or yoga space with lots of light colours, ventilation and floor-to-ceiling mirrors to give you a true luxe feel. We can’t think of better motivation to do a workout than this!

Home Cinema/Games Room

If you have kids (or if you’re a big kid at heart) then a home cinema or games room would be a great option for your top floor. Separated from your downstairs living space, using the top floor in this way would create a truly magical experience – it would feel like stepping out of your home, without actually leaving. Home has never been more important, and with more and more of us realising this, there’s never been a better time to make your house an exciting and entertaining space. Consider purchasing a projector and decorating with some cosy chairs, pillows and throws. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then be sure to read our top tips for a family movie night.

Multi-Functional Room

If all of the above sounds good, and you simply can’t choose – then why not combine some or all of those ideas in one room? Multi-functional living is the future as more of us spend time at home, so using the top floor of your 1 ½ storey home in this way is not a bad idea at all. If you want a bed, why not choose a folding sofa bed, to save on space when you use your room for something else during the day? Then use neutral colours and pack-away items to keep your top room open and versatile for multiple uses. You’ll truly be the envy of your friends with such a flexible and exciting space in your home.

What Are The Benefits Of 1 ½ Storey Living?

There are many benefits to 1 ½ storey living – not just the creative possibilities that the top floor affords you. Alongside being totally unique and modern, The Hamer has an enviable size and the bottom floor bedrooms enable easy access to children’s rooms from the living room and kitchen, as well as the bedrooms, so you can rest easy knowing they’re close by. To find out more about new build bungalow living for young families, head to our blog. If you haven’t considered a house like this before, we think we’ll change your mind.

Currently there are just 2 Hamer homes at our Turnstone Grange development. However, expect bungalow house types at upcoming development Montague Place too. To explore our developments across various regions, start your search on our home page. Or, for more inspiration and Miller Homes news – keep in touch on our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.