Our Customer Charter

Customer Charter

Our commitment to our customers

Our aim is to provide world-class service for all our customers. The Charter sets out our commitment to excellence. It provides a clear guide to the procedures we will follow and the information we will provide as you go through the home-buying process.

Our reputation is very valuable to us and it is based on the quality of our customer service as well as that of our homes. Our staff fully understand their responsibilities in their dealings with you. We hope customers will read and take the Charter seriously, because it’s something we take very seriously ourselves.

(Download a pdf version of the Charter)

In all our dealings with you, whenever we meet and whatever we do, you’ll experience our Customer Charter in action. We hope this works for you. If you find otherwise, then we hope you’ll let us know so we can put things right. Details on how we would deal with any issues or complaints can be found below.


Our commitment to clarity and honesty in marketing and advertising

We are committed to clarity and honesty in marketing and advertising. All our promotional material will comply with the relevant laws and codes of practice, and none of the information or publicity material we issue will ever be intentionally misleading. It would be wholly counter-productive for us to state or imply things which we later had to retract.

Our contracts will be clear, fair and compliant

Similarly, our Contract of Sale (under English law) and our Builders Missive (under Scots law), and all the terms and conditions included or attached to them, will be clear and fair, and will comply with the principles of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 2008.

Providing you with the information you need to make informed decision

Before any contract is signed or any reservation made, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about buying a property. This will include detailed pricing information including the list price, any deductions or pre-payments and service charge, plus the cost of any extras.

Once you have reserved a home we provide the following:

  • Details of the home including land and communal areas, location, development size and layout, demarcation and boundary details
  • A sketch layout plan with approximate room sizes shown
  • Summary details of the type of construction of your home
  • Fixtures and fittings to be included
  • Any choices and options where available
  • The type of heating system, number of radiators or outlets
  • Kitchen and bathroom layouts
  • Summary of the external works and layouts
  • Details of things that may not be finished before you buy the property, such as road surfaces, footpaths or landscaping
We will also try to ensure that you’ve appointed your own professional legal advisor to represent and protect your interests. Legal and contractual matters should be clear and transparent throughout.

Giving you clear information about applicable cancellation rights

We will give you clear information about applicable cancellation rights. We will explain how we protect your deposit, and how we deal with any other pre-payments you make.

Providing you with a contact at Miller Homes who deal with your queries

At every stage, we will provide you with a contact at Miller Homes who will deal with your queries or concerns. We promise to answer your questions as fully and as promptly as we can. We promise also to give you full details of any choices or options available, and allow you time to consider them.

Keeping you safe on site visits

Building sites can be dangerous places and are covered by strict health and safety regulations. We are prevented by law from giving you open access to your home during construction. However, we will invite you to visit the site at specific times to show you the progress on your home and demonstrate its features.

During these visits, we will brief you on health and safety to make your visit as safe as possible. We will also provide any protective clothing and footwear that you may require. Within your Homeowners’ Manual and other documentation, we will give you information about your home that is required by the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007.

Our Health and Safety booklet will give you important details about staying safe on site.

Keeping you informed about the construction process and completion date

Once you’ve reserved your home, we will stay in contact regularly to keep you informed about the construction process. There are several ways we’ll keep you updated – by phone, by letter and via mymillerhome.com, an exclusive website dedicated to your home. We’ll agree with you how often you’d like to be contacted by phone. We will give you information about when we expect the construction of the property to be completed – this will become more precise as building work nears completion. 

  • When you reserve your home, as a minimum, we will provide you with an anticipated completion date and that date will be in a committed 4 month range
  • At your pre-plaster meeting we will specify which month we expect your home to be ready
  • When we commence the decoration of your home and, providing that all of the statutory services are connected (e.g. electricity, gas, water etc*), we will let you know which week your home will be ready
  • Once the property is decorated we will notify you of an exact date
* The timing of the connection of statutory services is often outside of the control of Miller Homes

In the unlikely event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we fail to hand over your home within 60 days after the anticipated completion date we advised, you will be entitled to cancel your contract with Miller Homes. If you do cancel in this way then as a result we will refund any deposits, pre-payments or reservation fees you have paid to Miller Homes.

The above applies to low-rise buildings (e.g. 2/3 storey homes). The construction process for apartment buildings can be more complicated and therefore the stages above will not apply. We will still provide you with an anticipated completion date and if we fail to hand over the apartment within 12 months of the anticipated completion date then the same cancellation rights will apply. Once a final date is set, we will ensure that full legal transfer of ownership takes place as quickly as possible thereafter.

We will give you an information pack about your home when we hand it over to you. We will also arrange to meet you at your property (usually about one week before completion), to demonstrate how all the facilities work. You will be given the keys to your property when your solicitor has paid us and the sale has been legally completed (the ‘date of entry’ in Scotland).

About your 10 year NHBC warranty (or similar)

All our homes benefit from a 10-year NHBC warranty or similar. This is included in the purchase price of the property. We will give you clear information about what this covers, and about any other guarantees or warranties which apply to your new home and its fittings.

What follows is a general outline of what your NHBC warranty covers:

Before the sale is legally completed, the warranty provides protection in the unlikely event that the housebuilder becomes insolvent. For the first two years after completion, the warranty states that the housebuilder must repair any defects that do not conform to NHBC standards or recommendations. Over the following eight years, the warranty provides cover against the cost (subject to the minimum claim value and exclusions and limitations shown in the policy document) of putting right any significant damage to the load-bearing structure and certain parts of the home that appears during this period. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

You should always refer to the policy for full details and you can see a sample copy at our Sales Centre. You will receive your own copy of the NHBC warranty document through your solicitor. You should read it through carefully and ask your solicitor to explain anything you don’t understand.

Our Customer Care Commitment

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you move in. We expect your new home to be free from problems, but if the unexpected does happen we have clear guidelines covering after-sales care and emergency services throughout the warranty period. We will explain these to you clearly and make sure that you know who to contact in the event of a problem.

Our general service delivery standards are:
  • Emergencies – we aim to have someone in your home within four hours to put an end to the emergency situation
  • Standard items (labour only) we expect to complete within 10 working days
  • Where replacement parts are required, we expect to complete the job within 20 working days
  • Miller are committed to the rights and principles found in the Consumer Code for Home Builders. You will be given a copy of this Code which provides an alternative dispute resolution service.

Helping you with the resolution of any issues or complaints

If problems do arise, we are committed to resolving the situation to your satisfaction as rapidly as we can.

In the first instance you should contact our Customer Services department who will do their utmost to resolve the problem. If the issue cannot be solved by our Customer Services team, your query will be referred onto the Regional Customer Services Manager. Only if the problem remains unresolved, will it be taken up by the Area Managing Director. Should you still be unsatisfied with the resolution after these steps please contact the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

It’s in everyone’s interest to deal with such matters as efficiently and quickly as possible. We will tell you about the procedures we use for dealing with issues, and inform you about third parties or external services who may be able to offer help. If you choose to use professional advisors, we will co-operate fully with them. We will ask you to write and let us know who you want to represent you, giving details of their qualifications. This is to make sure you’re properly represented and getting the best advice.

Your feedback is welcome

We always welcome feedback about our performance, and would be grateful for your views on whether we meet the high standards we set for ourselves. We want your home-buying experience to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Throughout our relationship, we will always work hard to communicate effectively with you. We will always do our utmost to deliver what we promise. If you have any comments, suggestions or views you wish to express please write to us at: 

Miller Homes
Marketing Department
Miller House, 2 Lochside View
Edinburgh, Midlothian
EH12 9DH


This charter has been developed to comply with best standards and guidelines provided by:


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