The Legals

Sorting out the legalities of buying your home is an important step. Here, we help you get to grips with legal matters.

New Homes at Roman Heights


Okay, so you’re paying for a solicitor to work on your behalf. But you should still know a little about the two most significant stages in the buying process.

Exchange of contracts (in England)

Conclusion of missives (in Scotland)

This is the point where your agreement to buy your new home becomes legally binding, and you pay the deposit. You need to be aware of how important it is, especially if you are also selling your previous home. Paying for two homes simultaneously can be expensive. Finding you’ve sold one and failed to buy the other can be cold and wet. Timing is everything, and your solicitor should be able to make sure you get it exactly right.

Legal completion

Although you’ve made a firm agreement to buy your new home, it’s not yours till you’ve paid for it. But not necessarily with your own money.

Legal completion is the point where your solicitor transfers money from you or your mortgage provider to Miller Homes' account, and in turn receives the title deeds for your home. The deeds are usually held by the mortgage provider.


Occasionally, a problem can arise when things that are meant to happen simultaneously just don’t. If, for example, you want to buy a Miller home but you’re having difficulty selling your present one.

If that happens, or if you think it might happen, talk to us as early as possible. The last thing we want to do is put the home you want back on the market, so we’ll do everything we can to make some arrangement. You want to buy, we want to sell. You can see the logic. But the earlier you let us know, the greater the chance of a mutually happy outcome.