A Better Place

Building homes for a better future

Watering Can


The homes we build are the foundations of sustainable communities that will flourish for generations to come. We work considerately with the natural environment, protecting and preserving it wherever we can. With our customers, colleagues and suppliers we strive to promote better practices and ways of living. We’re playing our part in making the world A Better Place.

All new Miller Homes are built in-line with modern building regulations which mean they are extremely energy efficient compared to older properties.  Research by the Zero Carbon Hub and NHBC Foundation found that new build homes can be over 50% more efficient than renovated Victorian properties.

Did you know you could save £2,195 a year on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by more than 2.16 tonnes living in a new build house compared to an older, less efficient house. Find out more in the Watt a Save report published by the Home Builders Federation.

We go one step further by complementing our energy efficient homes with energy efficient appliances, water efficient sanitary ware (including dual flush toilets and aerated showers) and low energy or LED lighting, all of which help to make the running costs of your home even lower.

Going beyond our homes we consider the local environment, community feedback and industry best practice in the design of our developments to ensure that they are attractive, functional and great places to live. 86% of our current developments are located within 500m of a public transport node. Speak to one of our Development Sales Managers or view the development details on our website to find out more about the specific amenities near to each of our developments.

To find out more about how Miller Homes creates A Better Place click here or e-mail abetterplace@miller.co.uk