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Our Customer Satisfaction Results.

Our Customer Satisfaction Results.

How are we doing so far.....

New homes from Miller

A few weeks after they move in, we ask our customers a few questions (actually, we don’t ask them ourselves, we commission an independent research company just to avoid any possibility of influencing the answers). We want to find out about the whole Miller experience — the house, the process, the people, start to finish — without being too much of a nuisance when people would rather be enjoying their new home.

We started doing this, back in 1999 and our latest available scores are shown below (they take a couple of months to gather and collate). Going forwards we’ll keep asking the questions and we’ll keep telling you the results.

Our full year results for 2015.

To find out whether we were meeting expectations and providing the high quality of homes and service we believe our customers deserve, we ask ‘Would you recommend Miller Homes to a friend?’ In our latest batch of responses 94% of customers said yes, a score that has remained consistently high since 2011.

We also ask customers how satisfied they are with the way we communicated with them during the buying process and to tell us how special we made them feel on moving in day. Our mean score was 89.2; a similar score to the previous year which means we are continuing to delight our customers. 

We ask customers whether they were satisfied with the demonstration meetings, where we show the new owners how the appliances work, where the thermostats are, etc. Our mean score for the year is 89.6, similar to last year which suggests that we were clear and comprehensive and knew the answers to the awkward questions.

To find out whether all work has been done on schedule before we hand over the keys, we ask if customers were happy with the condition of their home. Our mean score of 81.4 is a slightly higher score to that of the previous year.

Incidentally, here’s how we work out the scores. For each question we ask, we give customers five options ranging from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. We allocate a score of 100 for very satisfied, 75 for satisfied, 50 for neutral, 25 for dissatisfied and 0 for very dissatisfied. Then we just take the average of all the results over the quarter. We’re not perfect yet but we seem to be heading in the right direction.