How Do You Personalise Your New Build House?

How Do You Personalise Your New Build House?

So, you’ve heard about all the brilliant benefits of buying new, and decided to choose this exciting option… Great! But, did you know there are certain things we’d advise you not to do for the first year or so while the house settles? This includes embarking on a painting job or undergoing any major works on the house.

Worry not however, as we get asked a lot “how do I personalise my new build house?” which means we have all the answers.

There’s no need to assume your new place will be devoid of personality, in fact quite the opposite. Buying from scratch means you can have your say on different aspects of the build process, from the worktops and cupboard colours you want, to the smaller things such as what kinds of light switches and appliances will be used.

There are heaps of ways to add style to your new pad without reaching for the brushes and rollers. Here are our top tips from our many years in the housebuilding business.


5 ways to personalise your new build house

Choose options that match your style

It’s standard for our buyers to be able to pick the colours, textures, and materials of their kitchen countertops, tiles, and cupboards if they reserve off plan, or early enough on in the build process. We have a range of options including everything from wood to marble and gloss to quartz! We’d recommend not playing it safe with your choices if you really want your personality to shine through in your new home from the beginning. Get experimental with your colour choices, and make your home uniquely yours from day one.


Select statement furnishings

Although it’s recommended you don’t paint your walls straight away, there’s nothing to say you can’t add splashes of colours through your furniture instead. Read up on the maximalism trend and find inspiration there. Your new home can speak your style through bold-coloured sofas, big plants that bring the outdoors in and striking wall art that personalises your new build through and through.


Layer up on lighting

A fond favourite amongst interior designers is layered lighting, which can add depth to any room and soften it, making for a much more comfortable living setting. Whether you’re using floor lamps or pendant lighting, picking low-impact, energy saving bulbs for a few outlets can give a really homely affect – with no need to touch the walls or make major changes to your building. For more advice from our design experts on the best lighting options for your new build home, head over to our blog.

Sticking with lighting, you may also like to consider an electric fireplace to add both visual and actual warmth to your home. These can be added at the build stage when you pick your options with us, or later on via an external provider. They make such a difference at Christmas in particular. Another part of the home to decorate!


Start with the garden

While we’d advise that you don’t make drastic changes to the structure of your house for a few years whilst the foundations bed in, there’s nothing to stop you from unleashing your flair in the garden. Most new build homes offer a complete blank canvas, so whether you get yourself a landscaper or embark on your own DIY project, creating your garden is an opportune moment to inject your personality into your home. Think about what kind of colours you want coming through in the spring and summertime, if you want to become a wildlife haven, and whether you’d like more entertaining space or natural areas – then get going!


Pick fantastic flooring

Finally, another element that’s instantly customisable in your new build house is the flooring. When choosing your options, think about what kind of style suits you not only practically – but visually. Perhaps you’d like to go for a statement pattern that makes an instant impact, or opt for something more neutral that can be dressed up with a rug instead? When personalising your new build home for the first time, focus from the feet up, so select great flooring first, then pick out your furniture before moving on to your walls once the house has settled.


So now you’re all clued up and ready to buy your new build home… Why not browse our developments in your area by clicking here? Alternatively, you can find more advice and inspiration on our blog, or head to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with Miller Homes. Happy designing!