House Building Process FAQs

Can I visit my new home during construction?

We know that you will want to visit your new home during construction and we will do all we can to allow you reasonable access.

A new home building site is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Your safety is of prime importance to us. Therefore, we must require that you contact the Sales Representative before visiting the construction area. We reserve the right to require that you wear a hard hat and that a member of our staff accompany you during your visit. We also reserve the right to refuse your request to enter the building site if there are any safety concerns.

Please observe common-sense safety procedures at all times when visiting:

- Keep older children within view. Due to safety regulations, no children under 16 are allowed on site.

- Do not walk backwards even one step. Look in the direction you are moving at all times.

- Watch out for boards, power cables, tools, nails or other building materials that might cause an injury or accident.

- Do not enter any level of a home that is not equipped with stairs and rails.

- Stay a minimum of two metres from all excavations.

- Give large, noisy building machinery or delivery vehicles plenty of room. Assume that the driver can neither see nor hear you.

Visiting your new home during the 14 days prior to legal completion:

During the final 14 days prior to your legal completion your new home will be inspected and tested on at least three occasions. If you reserved after 3rd January 2023, you also have the opportunity to carry out a Home Check in this period. Please see our Home Buying Process FAQs for more information. 

From this 14-day mark we are especially strict about what goes on in your new home. Our aim is to deliver a clean and complete home to you on legal completion day. This means that your home will have restricted access. Only finishing trades and customers are allowed inside.

Should you visit your new home during this period we ask you to note the following:

- Please do not enter your home without the prior permission of the sales representative.

- Trades may still be working in your home and surfaces may not be dry or finished.

- Please do not place items on surfaces that might be marked.

- Please keep children, other family members and pets under your control. New surfaces and finishes can be easily marked.

- You may see some cards and stickers on the walls, doors, windows and fitted furniture. These form part of our extensive quality control process please do not remove them.

- Smoking, eating or drinking in the home is not permitted.

How long will the bricks last on my property before they crumble?

We use high quality materials to build our properties. The expected lifespan of different materials and components will vary depending upon the location, usage, exposure and degree of maintenance they receive. Bricks are made from naturally occurring raw materials and should last for many years providing they are correctly maintained. Remember all our new homes are covered by a ten year NHBC warranty.

What level of sound insulation and construction will there be in a semi detached property?

All properties meet the relevant Building Regulation approval and NHBC standards. Construction and insulation varies due to the different styles of properties. Please contact the on-site sales representative who could discuss this further with you or arrange an appointment with the site manager.