How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Fresh and Vibrant until Christmas

How  to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Fresh and Vibrant until Christmas

The Christmas tree is the centre-piece for any festive home and a real tree is particularly special. We all love the smell of pine as you walk through the door - what we don’t like is a carpet full of needles and sad-looking brown branches. So how do you keep your spruce spruced up until the big day? Here are our top tips.

Step One: Choose a Healthy Tree

Look for the greenest and healthiest-looking tree possible. If the trees are outside, choose one in a shady location. Run your hands along the branches, the pines should be flexible, if the pines fall off, then the tree is dehydrated and might not last. 

Step Two: Trim the Trunk and Free the Branches

Cut off the netting as soon as you’re home. This prevents mould growing on potentially damp branches. Saw off a level one to two inches from the bottom of the tree after you’ve bought it. This will help expose the vessels so the tree can take up more water. Be sure not to whittle (carve) the sides of the trunk as this reduces the number of vessels available to take up water.

Step Three: Water

Keeping your tree well watered will keep it plump. A dehydrated tree will start to wilt and droop as resin builds up, stopping the tree from absorbing water. Make sure to use a generous stand which holds a lot of water and add at least 500ml of fresh water daily. For every inch of the trunk add a quarter of water. If you don’t have a stand straight away, leave the tree in a bucket of water.

Step Four: Keep Away from Heat

When we think of Christmas, we all tend to conjure up an image of a decadently dressed bushy tree standing next to a roaring fireplace. However, in reality, heat is the enemy when it comes to a long-lasting tree. To help keep your tree looking fabulous for longer, make sure to place it away from radiators, fireplaces and stoves. You may also consider using a humidifier to add moisture in a particularly large room. Use LED or low-heat lights as they’re not only safer, but won’t cause your tree to heat up and dehydrate.

Step Five: Smelling Fresh

For those without a real Christmas tree, we have some tips to help your faux tree appear more real while giving your home that lovely festive forest aroma. Wedging some fir scent sticks or scentsicles (readily available online) in between the branches of your tree or placing a fir or spruce reed diffuser in the room can help to conjure up that cosy log cabin vibe without the commitment of a real tree.

Step Six: Take it down

Once Christmas is over, be sure to take your tree outside to be collected or composted before it dries out. If you leave it too late you’ll have a mountain of pesky dead pine leaves to deal with. Alternatively, for a more sustainable solution, you can often replant your tree in your garden, for use next year.

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