5 Benefits Of Open Plan Living

5 Benefits Of Open Plan Living
From letting in floods of natural light to creating a multi-functional social space, there's some great benefits to open plan living. 
Typically combining the three busiest rooms in a home into one, open plan living allows you to cook, eat and retreat as a family. Not only that, but it can look stylish too.
Here we explore five benefits of the design trend...
Families can spend more time together
Trying to cook dinner, make sure the kids are actually completing their homework and spending quality time with your other half can be difficult when you're all split into different rooms. Open plan living means all of these things can happen in a shared social space. 
There's space to style
A larger space can be more versatile, styled with breakfast bars, mirrors, comfy seating areas and bookshelves. Combining all three rooms means you can design your dream space and make it as personal as you want. 
An ideal dinner party destination
Open plan living makes the best backdrop for a dinner party, as you can chat to your guests whilst serving up a delicious feast. There's also no excuses left for empty glasses, from summer BBQs to winter night suppers, it's the perfect setting.
It improves the flow of your home's layout
There's a much better flow with an open plan layout. There's more space for little ones to play in and easy access to the essentials. When it comes to relaxing in your home, an open space can be great for the mind, creating a calming chill out zone. Plus, there's even more reason for consistency when decorating, helping you to design interior themes which roll into one another for each area of your living space. 
Natural light floods in
By opening up a space natural light can flood in, making for bright and airy settings during the day and a golden hour as the sun begins to set. Having mirrors on the walls is a great way to bounce the light around your living space as it radiates throughout. 
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