Meet our team Andrew Somerville

Meet our team Andrew Somerville

When it comes to creating the perfect new home and providing excellent levels of service throughout the homebuying journey, there are many people across Miller Homes who are involved in that process. In our efforts to highlight ‘the Miller Difference’ and conveying the importance of the work of our employees, our latest series of blogs will consist of interviews with various members of our teams located up and down the country.

Here we talk to Andrew Somerville, a Regional Sales Manager in our North East Region.

Name, position and how long you have been in the property industry?

Andrew Somerville, regional sales manager at Miller Homes North East.  I’ve been in the property industry for around 10 years.

What does your job involve?

I manage the sales team in the North East of England region and drive them to achieve the highest quality in all aspects of their role, including, of course, selling our fantastic houses!  We also focus on excellent customer care making sure our buyers receive the best experience possible.

I work closely with technical and commercial departments making sure the development layout is the best it can be. We also spend a lot of time on developing street scenes, an aspect which is very important to our clients when purchasing a Miller home. I believe ‘the Miller Difference’, our business philosophy which puts the customer at the heart of everything we do, is driving us even harder to deliver our quality new homes.

What did you do before you joined Miller Homes?

I worked for another housebuilder as a Sales Adviser for seven years.

What skills or qualifications do you have?

I have 10 years’ experience within the industry which has given me the knowledge to get to where I am now.  My main skills are being customer focused, sales driven and managing a team effectively to be the best we can be.

What attracted you to a career with Miller Homes?

Miller Homes has given me the opportunity to have an effective influence on all aspects of the business from a day-to-day perspective, allowing me to make a difference. ‘The Miller Difference’ is a fantastic philosophy to be a part of. The strategies the business has in place now and what they are looking to achieve in the future really is exciting to be involved in. ‘The Miller Difference’ isn’t just for our customers, it’s for employees too.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to enter the industry?

Be open-minded, give 100% and manage the whole customer journey to provide the highest standard of care.  I’ve found that ‘the Miller Difference’, the promise which we make to all customers at the start of their home buying experience, provides purchasers with the reassurance that they are in safe hands from the very beginning right through to post-completion and to achieve that makes my role very rewarding and satisfying.

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