Plans Revealed To Preserve And Improve Famous War Horse Grave

War horse development

Miller Homes is revealing plans today to preserve and improve the site of famed local war horse, Blackie, which resides nearby to its new Wilbury Park development in Halewood, Liverpool.

Following the purchase of the land, the homebuilder was keen to protect the memory of Blackie the war horse. The planning layout for the approved residential development incorporates the grave into the landscape design.

This design includes a pathway to Blackie’s grave, which will then be surrounded by wildflower meadows and native shrubs and trees.

The proposals by Miller Homes will allow the gravestone to be accessed by the general public, enhancing its setting and significance.

Blackie was a war horse that served in the 275th Brigade Royal Field Artillery 'A' Battery - 55th West Lancashire Division during the First World War. His master, Leonard Comer Wall, was a famous wartime poet. In the Lieutenant’s will, he requested that if he did not survive the war, that his faithful horse Blackie be buried with his medals or decorations. Lieutenant Wall was killed in action at Ypres whilst riding Blackie on 9 June 1917 at the age of 20. When Blackie later died in 1942 aged 35, the horse was indeed buried with his master’s medals.

In 1937/38, Lodge Farm, where Blackie spent his last days in retirement, became the site of the Liverpool Horses’ Rest which was established by the RSPCA. At the western end of the former Pet Cemetery is the grave of Blackie the War Horse, located in an overgrown area close to the western boundary of the site, adjacent to Baileys Lane. This area will be improved and thereafter protected by Miller Homes as they build new homes close by to it at Wilbury Park.

Ian Smith, Managing Director of Miller Homes North West says: “Wilbury Park is a fantastic design-led scheme, set within a landscaped street scene with strategically located public open space - enhancing the setting of the grave of Blackie, which is much revered by the local community.

“The grave has strong cultural and historic significance in representing the key role animals played, and the sacrifices they made, in the First World War.

“It was incredibly important, therefore, that we restore and preserve this heritage site and allow it to be enjoyed by the Halewood community for many years to come.”

You can find out more information about Wilbury Park on the Miller Homes website. The first collection of homes were recently launched online, and the sales centre is now open by appointment only.

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