Miller Homes Volunteers Set To Make A Difference In Malawi

Eighteen volunteers from Miller Homes are set to embark upon the journey of a lifetime which will see them help transform the lives of families in Malawi.

The volunteers will travel to the district of Salima in Malawi in April to take part in a Global Village Trip for development charity, Habitat for Humanity, building new Habitat Homes for orphans and vulnerable children. 
As well as the physical construction of the new homes, the Miller Homes team will witness first-hand how a safe and secure home can benefit many aspects of life for the immediate family and wider community. The families which will be helped by Habitat for Humanity's Global Village Trip will work with the Miller Homes volunteers by participating in the building of their own home, investing hours of their own labour through a process called 'sweat equity'. 
Habitat for Humanity is a global development charity which works to help eliminate poverty housing and homelessness by giving hope to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. This not only includes providing them a safe, decent place to call home but creating thriving communities which they can become part of. 
This will be the second time a group of Miller Homes volunteers will make the journey to Malawi on a Global Village Trip, with the first trip taking place back in 2016.
Chris Endsor, Chief Executive of Miller Homes, said: "Habitat for Humanity is a charity with close links to our industry and we are proud to be showing on-going support for such a wonderful cause. I was overwhelmed with the number of staff wishing to volunteer and I'm confident this strong mix of skills and experience from right across the business and our regions gives us a great team of people to go to Salima and make a real difference to the lives of those who need it most."
The trip is being funded by Miller Homes, however volunteers each have to raise £1k for Habitat for Humanity as part of their commitment to the trip.
Manuela Campbell, Head of Operations and Strategy at Habitat for Humanity, said: "We are thrilled that Miller Homes are returning to Malawi with Habitat for Humanity, building on their financial and time investment and demonstrating a continued commitment to addressing housing poverty around the world. Their fundraising and the hard work they will put in on the construction site will help transform the lives of vulnerable families in Malawi. Every brick they lay is a critical step to a new, better life."
You can find out more about Miller Homes fundraising efforts here -

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