Good Amenities Top Of The List For House Hunters In 2017


Living near to good shops and restaurants has topped the list of priorities house hunters will be looking for in a neighbourhood in 2017, according to new research undertaken by leading housebuilder Miller Homes.

As many people turn their thoughts towards buying a new home at the start of a new year, a survey of over 700 people as part of Miller Homes' 'Taken Care of' campaign identified the key aspects buyers consider when moving into a new neighbourhood.

Over 60% of potential buyers rated good amenities and off road parking as the main features they look for. The study also revealed that clean and attractive surroundings and access to transport are still high on a house hunter’s wish list as are traditional requirements of living close to schools with a good reputation and family and friends.

The top ten factors buyers look for in a new neighbourhood are:

  1. Good amenities
  2. Off-road parking
  3. Clean and attractive surroundings
  4. Low crime rate
  5. Access to transport links
  6. Proximity to work
  7. Good schools
  8. Close to friends and family
  9. Average house prices
  10. Rural aspect

Chris Endsor, Chief Executive at Miller Homes, said: “We know location is key when buying a new property, but it is interesting to find out what additional factors are most important for today’s buyers when they are considering moving into a neighbourhood.

“We all lead busy lives so it’s easy to understand why having local amenities within easy reach is high on the list for house hunters and after a new home, buying a car is likely to be the second most expensive purchase we will make therefore it follows that having access to parking facilities is also important.

“Not surprisingly being in an area with a good school and close to friends and family remain among the top priorities for potential buyers.”

Chris added: “When creating new communities we always consider what buyers are looking for and ensure that we do all we can to take care of their needs by working hard to establish neighbourhoods that are well looked after and set in attractive surroundings with access to good local amenities.

“At many of our developments we help to improve local transport links in the area and contribute towards amenities which serve those communities, including schools, community centres and leisure facilities.”

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