Children At Sheffield School Enjoy Their First Home

Hope House

Having a home where we feel safe, warm and loved is an important part of life and a leading housebuilder, who has recently constructed home for a community in Malawi, also donated a play home to school children in Sheffield for them to enjoy friendship and shelter.

Key Stage 1 children at Norton Free Primary School, close to the housebuilder’s Norton Green development, received the house as part of Miller Homes’ support of the charity Habitat for Humanity.

“We have supported this charity in a number of ways during 2016 and it was important that we also engage with school children to develop their appreciation of homes around the world,” said Sarah Whinfrey regional sales manager Miller Homes Yorkshire. “The children can learn to understand how having somewhere to call home can have huge implications on safety, wellbeing and morale and we hope that they have many hours of fun and laughter in their lovely play house.”

The children also created artwork and pictures of their own homes which Gabrielle Crowther and Adam Patterson of Miller Home Yorkshire gave to the children in the township of Chemjali in Malawi during their recent visit.

“We offer our most sincere thanks to Miller Homes Yorkshire for their generous donation as we enjoy a programme of investment and improvement at the school,” said Hazel Bell head teacher Norton Free Primary School. “The children have enjoyed playing ‘house’ and shall benefit from having their very own friendship house in the playground as well as gleaning a greater understanding of how children live in other parts of the world.”

Miller Homes across the UK chose Habitat for Humanity as it charity for 2016 with the aim of raising £100,000 and through various fundraising activities has already exceeded this target.

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