Miller Homes To Build Better Lives In Malawi

Global village trip

Sixteen members of the Miller Homes team are looking forward to laying the foundation for a better future for families in Malawi after volunteering to take part in Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Trip.

The Global Village Trip will take place from 18th-25th September in Salima, Malawi, and will involve the Miller Homes team taking part in a homebuilding project to create new ‘Habitat Homes’ for orphans and vulnerable children.

Habitat for Humanity is the housebuilder’s nominated charity for 2016. Over the course of the year Miller Homes has pledged to raise £100K for the charity’s Hope Builders campaign, enough to build over 30 ‘Habitat Homes’ and make a real difference to those living in poverty housing.

Over 60 members of the Miller Homes team put themselves forward for this once in a lifetime opportunity, of which 16 candidates were lucky enough to be selected to go on the Global Village Trip in September.  Due to the quantity and quality of applications received, the number of volunteers participating in the trip was increased from an initial 12 to 16.  The trip is being funded entirely by Miller Homes, however each of the volunteers has pledged to raise a minimum of £1,000 as part of their contribution toward the £100K target.

Chris Endsor, Chief Executive of Miller Homes, said: “We are delighted to be taking part in Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Trip as part of our support for the Hope Builders Campaign this year. Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic charity that makes a massive difference to those living in poverty housing and this trip will allow the volunteers from Miller Homes to meet and work with the families and communities that our fundraising efforts are going to help.  I’m confident we have a fantastic team in place from across all of our regions and areas of our business, with well-rounded skills and experience.”

Volunteers will witness first-hand how a safe and secure home can benefit many aspects of life for the immediate family and wider community.  The families which will be helped by Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Trips are selected based on their housing need and income. They will partner with Miller Homes volunteers by participating in the construction of their own home, investing hours of their own labour through a process called ‘sweat equity’.

Fred Swinburne, Production Director for Miller Homes North West, who is leading the Miller Homes team in Malawi, said: “It is an honour to have been chosen to go on the Global Village Trip. Helping those living in substandard housing, unsafe or poor conditions will be life changing for both the families and volunteers. The Miller Homes team has a varied skillset and a great deal of experience which will be beneficial in this project and we are looking forward to working together to build a better future for the families we will support.”

Manuela Campbell, Head of Volunteering and Supporter Services at Habitat for Humanity GB, said: “Miller Homes understand the importance of a safe and affordable home and are a perfect partner for us. Building alongside families around the world is a great privilege and we are looking forward to working with the Miller Homes volunteer team to restore independence to families and communities in Salima.”

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