Miller Homes Provides Boost to North West Communities

Press Release Miller Homes North West Contributions

Communities in the North West of England have enjoyed a boost of over £1.1million in contributions from leading housebuilder Miller Homes.

The funding has been provided by the housebuilder from the building of four of its recent developments in Warrington, Salford, Clitheroe and Lancaster.

As part of the planning process Miller Homes has contributed funding to help facilitate numerous projects throughout the borough including highways, transport, education, biodiversity and public realm and public open space.

David Ruffley, Operations Director for Miller Homes North West said: "As a business it’s important to us that we support the communities in which we operate, enhancing the benefits available to both our potential customers and those already living in the areas where we seek to build.

“In doing so, we are not only supporting the community but providing additional benefits which have a positive impact on the local economy.  Housebuilding is recognised as an important driver for economic growth, through creating and supporting jobs and increased council tax revenues which support the provision of important local amenities.  For us, success is building great homes in sustainable communities.”

A recent report by the Home Builders Federation revealed the full extent of community and economic benefits of housebuilding in the North West. 

In the region, Miller Homes worked with councils and communities in Salford, Clitheroe and Lancaster to provide funding support for initiatives associated with climate change, construction training, open space, public realm, public open space and transport.   In Warrington over £600,000 was made in contributions towards biodiversity, highways and educational services.

Additionally, working with partners such as Dane Plus Housing and Adactus Housing a significant number of affordable housing units have been created to support the need for new housing within the North West.

In 2014 under planning agreements Miller Homes contributed £9.1m towards local authority services and facilities across the UK.  The funding was used to support affordable housing, education, transport and other community initiatives. 

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