Housebuilder encourages homeowners to make a difference


Becoming a conscientious home owner is something that we are all too aware of but in our busy lifestyles it can often be overlooked.

But one housebuilder, Miller Homes, who places sustainability high on its agenda, is encouraging homeowners to become more conscientious as the annual national Recycling Week takes place between 15th – 21st June.

"Being a responsible home owner is much easier now as local councils provide recycling facilities both on our doorstep and in our communities," said Steve McElroy Sales Director Miller Homes Yorkshire. "Yet, there is possibly much more that many households could be doing when it comes to recycling.”

Miller Homes' top tips for recycling include:

* Recycling all waste possible not just from your kitchen – remember shampoo bottles, toilet roll middles, magazines, post, wrapping paper etc.

* Anything you no longer need may be able to be recycled. A search engine or a call to your local council should provide the answers to help you dispose of old electrical items, clothing, toys and games, furniture and household equipment

* Remember to dispose of unwanted paint and similar products through recognised channels, such as council run refuse sites to limit pollution of waste sites and water systems

* Children can help at home but also at school. Perhaps enquire what your school’s recycling policy is so that they can recycle paper, lunchtime and garden waste appropriately.

*Limiting food waste also makes a huge difference. Buy only what you need, try and use up leftovers and freeze where appropriate.  Don’t forget to add peelings and even lint to your compost – makes for a great fertilizer!

"It is important that we all take our home recycling responsibilities seriously to keep our individual carbon footprints as low as possible,” said Steve. “Potentially everything that we no longer need or require can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely and if we all do our but we can make a real difference to our environment.”

Miller Homes currently has nine developments across the region and has properties ranging from two bedroom apartments to five bedroom executive homes.  A range of purchase initiatives are available to support first time buyers, those wishing to upgrade their property and those looking to downsize.  Further information can be found by visiting or by calling 0808 250 6438.

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