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With energy bills on the rise again, hard pressed homeowners might want to consider the benefits of buying new after research by Miller Homes revealed that households could save almost £300 each year on their energy bills*.

As energy prices soar to a predicted four times the rate of inflation, households across the nation will certainly be feeling the pinch this winter.  However, research conducted by leading house builder Miller Homes has found that a new home can substantially reduce energy bills by almost £300 per year.

This figure rises considerably when directly comparing a newly built four bedroom Miller house with one built in the Victorian era and one built in the 1960s.  Interestingly, the research found that energy savings amounted to almost £3,000 on the 1900s home and just over £2,000 compared to the 1960s property.  The results calculated using NHER Plan assessor 5.4.2** also took into consideration build materials of the time, and typical energy usages including lighting, cooking and heating.

“With energy prices on the increase again we all know how difficult it can make the winter months,” said Chris Endsor, Chief Executive of Miller Homes.  “We are pleased to hear the Government is looking into measures to simplify the multitude of complex tariffs and help households understand their energy bills and usage.  However, I would also urge home owners in older style properties to ensure their home is as efficient as it could be wherever possible by replacing any draughty windows, installing loft and cavity wall insulation and even making sure radiators have thermostatic valves on them.  But for those in the market to move, the efficiency figures of new homes speak for themselves.”

The house builder, which constructs all its homes to a level which offers greater efficiencies and economies from an energy perspective, is launching a new initiative to inform prospective buyers how its homes could save them money.  

“A number of our development show homes across the country will soon be equipped with details of how and where we have built and installed energy and water efficiency into each and every one of our properties,” commented Chris. “In addition to this, all our homes already benefit from ‘Smart Meter’ technology which gives home owners more control over their energy usage.”

Smart meters work by detailing energy usage directly to your energy provider and also providing information regarding your home’s CO2 emissions. The displays in the home provide real time feedback on energy usage and cost so home owners can clearly understand how much they are using. They can even opt for an audible warning when their energy consumption exceeds their chosen amount, helping them to manage their energy spend more effectively.

“We understand the importance of keeping energy bills to a minimum and work in a variety of ways to ensure our properties help home owners manage their energy consumption,” added Chris. “Furthermore, we remain committed to moving forward with the advancements in technology and currently ensure high quality loft and cavity wall insulation, windows, plus energy efficient appliances are installed into each of our homes.”

Miller Homes currently has more than 80 developments across the UK featuring a range of properties which cater for the needs of a wide variety of buyers, from those looking to purchase their first home to growing families and downsizers.

*Value based on average energy bill for Miller Homes largest standard UK house type, The Huxley, against average annual energy bill of £1,400 per year (Source: Ofgem:

**For guidance only. Results calculated using NHER Plan assessor 5.4.2 industry recognised software.

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