A guide to living in Burnley

A guide to living in Burnley

The popular town of Burnley is just over twenty miles north of Manchester but still within easy reach of the beautiful Lancashire countryside. It’s the perfect mix of being a commutable destination for professionals, whilst boasting the benefits of a semi-rural location.

Is Burnley A Nice Place To Live?

With housing developments in and around Burnley, we may be biased – but we really think it’s a great place to live. Not only does the town boast an impressive history and plenty to do, but it’s also within easy reach of both cities and rural beauty spots alike, making it an ideal area to lay down roots – whether you’re from the North West or not. Let’s look at some of the things that make Burnley a delight to call home.

Burnley’s History

The name ‘Burnley’ is said to be derived from the term ‘Brun Lea’, which translates to "meadow by the River Brun.” Burnley has a rich history, did you know that in its early days, the now vibrant town was once home to a small farming community? It gained a corn mill in 1290, a market in 1294 and a fulling mill in 1296.

This spirited Lancashire town is also home to many famous faces. Sir Ian McKellen, Radio 1’s Jordan North and acclaimed TV writer Paul Abbott are all from Burnley. Though they might differ in professions, one thing ties these three together, they’re all very proud of their northern roots.

Those aren’t the only famous faces that Burnley has to offer, too. The town has strong sports ties through and through. It’s the home of England cricketing legend James Anderson, and conveniently, is also within easy reach of Lancashire Cricket Club. The club is one of the most renowned in the country and has produced sporting legends such as Freddie Flintoff, Brian Statham and Glen Chapple. Let’s also not forget that Burnley is home to The Clarets, otherwise known as Burnley FC, the renowned football club who were winners of the FA cup in 1914.

Things To Do In Burnley

If you’re considering making Burnley your new home, then you’re in luck. There’s plenty to do and explore in the local area, and it’s also jam packed full of local amenities. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key places you should add to your Burnley bucket list.

Towneley Hall

For a spot of culture, Towneley Hall is a popular park and visitor attraction. If you’re into art, the hall is also packed with Victorian and pre-Raphaelite paintings by Waterhouse, Burne-Jones and Zoffany and there’s a charming walk around the Deer Pond too, a local nature reserve. The perfect day out for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

The Singing Ringing Tree

A piece of modern art with a very intriguing name, the Singing Ringing Tree is a sculpture set in the Pennines overlooking Burnley. It’s a must see for anyone visiting (or indeed living) in the local area. The figure is 3-metres tall, and is made up of galvanised steel pipes, which use the energy of the wind to produce an ethereal choral sound covering a range of several octaves. Basically, it’s all in the name: it’s a real singing tree!

Burnley Market

It’s never been more important to support small, local businesses and Burnley Market is the perfect place for finding them. Offering everything from food produce to beauty treatments and technology products, the market is often the go-to shopping location for residents and visitors. It’s not just stalls you’ll find there either, there’s also an impressive range of world food including as Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian.

The Weavers’ Triangle Visitor Centre

Burnley has a famous mining history, but did you know that it also has a rich manufacturing past? The town was once a hub of the British textile industry, and this is definitely something worth exploring when looking for things to do in Burnley. The Weavers' Triangle is a modern name for an area on the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal that was at the heart of it all and where you can now take a trip to find out more about Burnley’s historic past. Guided tours that run alongside the canal are available, and at the Visitor’s Centre there's plenty of fun the little ones too.

Where Are The Best Places To Live In Burnley?

  • Cliviger – We chose this home for our The Calders development for a good reason; it’s an idyllic civil parish in the borough of Burnley, where rolling hills and tranquil greenery are never far away. The Singing River Tree is actually based here!
  • Rose Hill – This area is so close to town it’s a literally a stone’s throw away, so if urban living is more your thing, be sure to check it out. Countless options for shopping, eating and socialising will be right on your doorstep.
  • Read – Or, for the best of both worlds, Read is just a few miles away from Burnley’s town centre but is also steeped in rural countryside and beautiful green spaces.
  • Barley – Finally, located within the Forest of Bowland itself, Barley is a charming village in Burnley’s borough which offers up peace and quiet, but also a welcoming and vibrant community – you’ll always be met with a friendly face or two in the local pubs.

Living in Burnley

Ready to move to the doorstep of one of England’s AONB with suburban living cast into the mix? Explore our homes in Burnley and Lancashire, you might just find your forever place in this charming northern borough.