The benefits of three storey living

The benefits of three storey living

Data from BuzzSumo shows that over the past year, there were on average approximately 22,000 searches for townhouses each month in the UK, suggesting that demand for three-storey living is growing among buyers.

Having that extra floor gives you plenty of options to make your new home work for you. Whether you’ve been dreaming about a home office where you can focus without any distractions, a luxurious home gym, or an extravagant principal bedroom to get your beauty sleep in, three-storey living offers you that extra bit of comfort and luxury.

Below, we explore some of the key benefits we think three-storey living provides.


What are the benefits of living in a three-storey home?

Sleep without distraction

With three-storey living, you can have an entire floor dedicated to the principal bedroom, your new sleep sanctuary. Find your style and transform your bedroom with Ideal Home’s ideas for the dreamiest night’s sleep. Lighting can be fundamental to the way we unwind to sleep and rise when we wake up, so why not improve your bedroom’s ambience with a warm-toned bedside lamp – like the Lumie Sunrise Alarm, perfect for a peaceful and natural awakening.

Welcome guests without losing your privacy

We all have our evening and morning routines, and as lovely as it is to open our homes to family and friends – there's no denying that having guests over can disrupt your natural flow. With three-storey living, this doesn't need to be the case. Townhouses give you the option to enjoy your own time in separate spaces from your guests when you need it.

As your evening of entertaining dies down, both you and your guests can retire for the night to separate floors and enjoy your own evening routines with no queues for the shower, or battles for the bathroom mirror.

Grow with your family

Three-storey homes make perfect 'forever' homes, as the layout can adapt and change as your family grows. For families with babies, toddlers and young children, having a spacious principal bedroom on the first floor provides enough space to sleep beside one another until they are ready for their own room.

If you’re at the stage where your child has outgrown the cot, Room to Grow offers top tips on how a room can transform from a nursery into a more active toddler room that they can grow into.  And when children become teenagers, the unique bedroom layout with a bathroom on each floor means that you can relax knowing everyone will have their own space in the home.

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