Four reason a new build could be perfect for you

Four reason a new build could be perfect for you

Finding the perfect home can be a daunting task whether you are a first-time buyer or a moving day pro, and searching for your next step means considering some vital questions. A good starting place to get your house hunt off the ground is to ask yourself, ‘Are you looking for old or new?’

There’s often the misconception that new builds lack character and as a result many buyers can overlook the wide range of benefits there are in opting to buy new. At Miller Homes, we pride ourselves on building homes to an exceptional standard and offering a portfolio of many different house types and styles.

In this blog, we’ve outlined just a few of the reasons why a new build could be the perfect choice for you. 

Make it your own

Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, a new build home offers the perfect blank canvas for any buyer's interior design dreams. Brand new and uniquely yours, there’s no old wallpaper or outdated kitchen cupboards left over from the last owners - this is 100% your space.

Plus, purchasing off-plan often allows you to choose a few key details of your own, providing even more opportunities to make your new home work for you. If you buy off-plan with us, for example, we can work with you on a range of choices from kitchen tops to flooring, fixtures and fittings, all to make your new home fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Top of the chain

Opting for a new build property can significantly reduce the stress involved in buying a home as there is no upwards ‘moving chain’. In fact, if you are a first time buyer there won’t be any chain at all.

If you are in a chain, the new home developer will be at the very top, so you won’t have to deal with any potential moving issues above you. The risk of disappointment is also reduced as your purchase won’t be reliant on your seller finding another property. In short, buying a new build property means no transactions other than your sale will stand between you and your dream home.

Energy Efficiency

With the nation all spending more time at home over the past year than ever before, you may have seen your energy bills rise. However, with our A Better Place promise, we go the extra step to help keep your running costs low, and further reduce your impact on the environment. As standard, we install energy efficient appliances (typically ‘A’ rated or higher) into all of our homes, using low energy or LED lighting and water efficient bathroom fixtures including dual flush toilets and aerated showers. These simple changes help to keep you and our planet happy.

 Low Maintenance

Buying an older home can often mean having to spend money on renovations and repairs which in addition to the cost, could take a lot of time too. However, a new build home could mean it’s highly unlikely you will need to do any maintenance or repair work for a long time, allowing you to save money for the more important things such as making your new house a home, and enjoying it for years to come.

See what Miller Homes can offer you by clicking here, and with our stamp duty holiday running until June 2021 there’s never been a better time to buy new.