Made you blush! How to incorporate one of this season’s most popular shades into your home

Made you blush! How to incorporate one of this season’s most popular shades into your home

Gone are the days where colour was parallel with gender!

With summer in full swing, we’re seeing a whole new host of interior trends. This season, we’re painting the town…pink!

Don’t fret – if you’re not up for splashing your walls in cerise, or busting out the Barbie pink paint tin, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to tastefully incorporate this season’s “it” shade into your home.

Combine with more masculine hues:

Teaming muted pink with monochromatic tones, or pairing with shades of grey, will bring a subtle warmth into your home. As an alternative to off white or beige, blush pink works beautifully as a neutral colour to help add softness and calm into your living space.

Try adding some pink throw pillows into your living room or bedroom, or perhaps draping a blush blanket over your sofa or accent chair. Alternatively a statement rug in a pink hue will energize and uplift any room, creating a trendy setting without looking garish.

Play with accent finishes:

For those who are still not convinced…why not try some little touches? Door handles, lamp shades, even candle holders or decorative dishes in a soft shell or salmon are ideal for gently introducing pink into your home. Blush is such a versatile colour – it works well with just about any interior scheme and by implementing subtle accent finishes, you don’t need to worry about colour clashing.

For the DIY lovers among us, why not try switching out the handles on your chest of drawers? Rose quartz or rose marble knobs will add a modern yet elegant twist to your room – without the shade being the main focus of your space.

Mix with Metalics:

Teaming pinks with metalics is an exciting way to revive a dull room. Try adding splashes of brass and copper mixed with dusty pink for a quirky, contemporary aesthetic.

A console table or bar trolley would work well for lending an elegant yet vintage feel to your room…think The Great Gatsby, but in 2020! And it’s the perfect accessory for party guests to swoon over!

Alternatively, try experimenting blush pink with gunmetal grey metalics for a feminine yet edgy feel. These tones would work nicely in a dressing room or for those lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe!

Opt for a statement piece:

And finally, for the brave among us, why not finish off your room with a blush pink statement piece or accent wall? Think a velvet chesterfield or cabriole sofa. Or perhaps a blush kitchen fridge or pink bed frame? Whatever you decide, an eye catching, bold piece will surely make you stand out!

The main thing to remember is to play around, experiment and have fun! There are no rules with interior design, so step outside the box and make it your own!