Getting The Most Out Of Your House Viewing

Getting The Most Out Of Your House Viewing
New build homes offer a blank canvas for house hunters to instantly make their own, but it can sometimes be difficult to envisage what life will look like when you're viewing an empty house or a showhome.
To help you get the most out of your upcoming viewings, we've put together a list of our top five tips to get you on track to finding your perfect home. 
Think about the future you
Searching for a new home can be a really exciting time but while house hunting, it's always worth thinking carefully about your future needs too.
While you might like the look, feel and layout of the home now, if you're planning to state a family or adopt a furry friend along the way, if you can afford to, buying a bigger home could be more suited to your future lifestyle. 
Perhaps think about whether a home that will grow with you and your family might be a better choice for you than a smaller house that might leave you needing to upsize in a couple of years. 
Location is key
Location is often one of the most important aspects of any potential new home, so before you view - and inevitably fall in love with it - take some time to research the area.
Again, the future is important here, so if you're thinking of growing a family, it might be helpful to check the proximity of schools and their rating on the Ofsted website. 
Once you've decided the area is for you, why not take a stroll after the house viewing and take stock of what's around. Are there corner shops for emergency milk runs, country trails, parks for weekend walks, and good transport links to the nearest city or town?
To help you digest it all, it can help to make a checklist of what you want so you can ensure the location has everything you need before reserving. 
What about storage?
While picking a spot for the sofa and TV will often be the first thing you think about, it's important not to forget to think about where you can store items like the vacuum, towels and season decorations.
Assess each room and work out exactly how much storage you have and what furniture you may need. Of course, not everything has to be hidden away, especially if you want to jump on the Instagram 'shelfie' trend and display your kitchen utensils and accessories in a creative way. 
Illuminating your plans
Light does wonders for our mood, so during your tour of the house, check each room has enough windows that allow natural light to flood in. Big windows and French doors are a plus as they open up rooms to the great outdoors, and offer perfect locations for indoor plants to sit and bathe in the sun. 
Having a south-facing garden is also a great feature to look out for, especially for the green fingered among us, and those who like to lounge in the back garden on a warm day. 
Bring a friend or relative along
A house viewing can sometimes seem overwhelming, and with those emotions, your judgement night be slightly clouded, causing you to miss really important things about the house - whether that's something to raise for a future snagging list, or an idea for placing your furniture at a certain angle. As a result, it can often be useful to get a second opinion. 
If you've already viewed the house once, and are preparing for your second tour, why not bring along a friend or family member for an outsider's point of view. They might be able to see the home in another light which might help you weigh up the pros and cons before you commit. 
If you have any tips on viewing a new build home before reserving, we could love to hear your thoughts. Share your ideas with us on our Facebook and Twitter.