Tips For Refreshing Your Child's Bedroom As They Grow

Tips For Refreshing Your Child's Bedroom As They Grow
Redecorating can be an expensive business especially when you've got children and their latest interests to keep up with, the list of DIY tasks can be endless and those costs can soon rack up.
If you're planning on doing a spot of redecorating of your own, we've put together our top tips for how to breathe new life into your family's bedrooms - without breaking the bank.
Think neutral
While you might think opting for the brightest furniture will be the best option, you have to first picture whether your little one may still like that bright yellow shade in four to five years' time. The likelihood is their tastes will have changed during this time, and you could end up needing to do another refresh.
Instead, invest in white, cream or pastel coloured furniture such as bed frames, chests of drawers and wardrobes.
For a more cost-effective way to introduce colour into the room, try accessorising with smaller colourful items, in a mix of textures and patterns.
Jungle or under-the-sea-theme
A room can be transformed with a little colour, but buying paint and finding time to prep the room can require so much effort. Removable stickers are a fun and easy way to decorate your children's room as they grow. With their easy to apply instructions, you could even get the little ones involved too.
So whether you child loves jungles or space expeditions now, but later dreams of under-the-sea explorations, you can give the bedroom a fresh new look in a matter of minutes.
Upcycling is the process of giving unwanted furniture a new lease of life. From family heirlooms to furniture passed down from older siblings, upcycling could be your new best friend. So, grab your furniture paint and why not give your little one's bedside table a quick lick of paint.
Furniture paint can be purchased from most DIY stores, and takes only a short while to apply and dry, making it a simple, low-cost alternative to buying brand new furniture. There's also so much choice in colour and finish (matte or gloss), making it a great option for a re-style. 
Go wild with patterns
Rugs, curtains and pillows are great accessories to switch up when you'd like a change - whether you're looking for a totally new theme, or a simple colour change, solutions like swapping the covers on your bed cushions can be an easy option.
There's no need to get rid of your older cushion covers though, as they may come in handy later on down the line. If you're looking for another use for old cushion covers, stitching a selection together to make a patchwork throw often makes a lovely gift. 
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