How To Make Your Home Instagram-Ready

How To Make Your Home Instagram-Ready
Instagram - the unofficial online gallery to your life and possibly home. Social media has become the go-to place for home decor inspiration and showing off your own interior design style, but how can you really make an impact with your Instagram feed, and stand out for the crowd?
Firstly, it's important to understand that you don't need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your home, a smartphone and the Instagram app is all you need to get started.
From fashion bloggers to interior influencers, Instagram is a platform to showcase your individuality and creative flair. Whether you're already a regular interiors Instagrammer or are just getting started, look no further as we've listed some of out top tips on creating Instagrammable settings and how to photograph them in all their glory!
Angles, angles, angles
As the saying goes, the right angle makes the picture. It's easy to get stuck into the repetition of taking the same style of image, from the same height and same angle. But, there's no better way to add some edge to your Instagram feed than being dynamic with your photography. Establishing the right angle will help you to build your profile by making it varied, keeping your followers tuned in and catching the eye of new ones.

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Find your focal point
A focal point is something that stands out in a setting, giving your image the wow-factor. It could be a feature piece of furniture or artwork, or something as simple as a window letting in lots of natural light. When snapping on your smartphone and once you've established your focal point, try something new by tapping the focal point on your phone screen to focus the camera on it. It's also important to make sure that the picture is balanced - although you'll have a focal point, consider what other aspects of the image really set the scene and portray the identity of your home. 
It's all about the lighting
Ever heard of the golden hour? This is the hour of the day where it's a photographer's dream. The ultimate time of the day to capture images outside or inside near a window with lots of light pouring in. Although not all areas of your home will have natural light, it's important to utilise what light you do have. Top tip - you can tap your smartphone screen to alter the exposure of your photo which is a great way to set the mood of your shot to match the space and time of day. 

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Camera capabilities
It's good to know that you don't have to have a professional camera to take quality shots for Instagram. Many users will be using a smartphone to capture their content. It is worth getting to know your phone camera and what it can do, so spend time playing around with it and test out different settings. 
Adding those finishing touches
You've taken a picture and the setup is great, but the lighting might not be quite right or sharpness could do with being enhanced. No need to start again, as sometimes a slight tweak can totally transform a picture, making it Instagram-ready. An app such as VSCO has the tools to do all of this and more. 
As with anything else, practice really does make perfect, and the best way to learn the tricks of the trade for producing those perfect Instagram images is to get out there and experiment. Think creatively, use your surroundings and dare to do something different - align your living room a slightly different way and capture those moments of natural light glistening on your kitchen surfaces. 
All around your home will be snappable settings to fill your Instagram feed with, so what are you waiting for? Head to our Instagram page @millerhomesuk for some inspo!