Summer Scents To Fill Your Home

Summer Scents To Fill Your Home
It may not always feel like it in the UK, but summer is here. With a humid few months upon us and the smell of sizzling BBQ sausages sneaking through our windows, there's no better time to give our homes a well-needed fragrance lift. 
Without realising, the scent of your home can really enhance your mood as soon as you step through the front door, so stick to the three F's this summer for a fabulous smelling home. 
There's no need to shy away from fruity fragrances in summer. Simply bid farewell to cherries, berries and plum and say hello to citrus. Imagine freshly-squeezed lime fizzing away in a gin and tonic on a rooftop bar, or the juicy orange tree-lined streets of Seville.
Zesty aromas work particularly well in the kitchen and tackle any nasty odours that can creep into our homes during the warmer months. Gently simmering lemon, grapefruit and lime slices on the stove release a pleasant citrus wave and is perfect for impressing guests at a summer BBQ or parties.
Citrus-scented candles are also ideal for energizing mornings or giving a little boost to the home on a warm, muggy afternoon. Jo Malone's Grapefruit Home Candle is a luxurious, high-end option for those looking to treat themselves. Sainsbury's Grapefruit and Rose Water Candle is a purse-friendly alternative with the same invigorating results. 
Summer is the best time to potter in the garden and enjoy the scent of all the gorgeous flowers. Not only do they look beautiful and purify the air around us, but some give off really gorgeous perfumes too. Creamy, intense gardenias and sweet geraniums both brighten up a space and smell delicious anywhere in the home. 
By hanging a bouquet of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary from the showerhead, the steam transports the scent and transforms the bathroom into a personal spa, the perfect place for some relaxation on summer evenings. This Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray from Neal's Yard is another option for floral-scented rooms throughout the summer months. Free from any nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances, the rose and patchouli is naturally calming and will transform the home into a tranquil paradise. 
Summertime is all about fresh aromas - think of crisp lawns at Wimbledon or pristine cotton bed-linen billowing in the garden. Fresh scents are light, airy and not too overpowering. 
The best advice is to stay clear of anything too perfumed or heavy - forget the cinnamon, ginger and spice of winter time to focus on keeping things natural and subtle. Less is definitely more. This herb odour absorber from Lakeland will keep your rooms smelling clean, crisp and fresh thanks to its combination of botanicals. It eliminates bad smells but doesn't overwhelm.
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