How Smart Is Your Home?

How Smart Is Your Home?
Thanks to the digital age, many arduous tasks can now be completed quicker and easier than ever before, and we can do a lot more on the move. But what about the technology that can help you relax and entertain in your home?
We've compiled a short list of our favourite gadgets and gizmos that are not only incredibly functional but will look stylish in your home.
Mine's a coffee...
Your morning cup of coffee may not seem like the most digitally savvy item in your home, but with a wide range of home coffee machines available, you can improve your start to the day with a better cup. We particularly love the Nespresso machines. Not only is the range sleek and stylish, but their wide variety of coffee pods to choose from makes sure you're never bored of a brew.
A smarter TV
We're long past the days of three channels on a boxy TV. Smart TV's integrated with Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube are the norm in homes across the UK, allowing us to watch whatever we like, whenever we like. For cinema like quality in your very own home, we love the Samsung QLED TV. Complete with 8K graphics, voice control and the ability to disguise itself as artwork when you're not watching anything, this television is as impressive visually as it is technically. 

Alexa, what product would you recommend?
There isn't anything we don't ask our Alexa these days. "Alexa, what's the weather forecast today?" "Alexa, can you tell me a joke?" "Alexa, can you turn on the lights?" The ground-breaking equipment from Amazon is a must-have for a smarter home and you'll quickly question how you lived without her in the first place.
Play it your way
Music tastes can split a family, but whatever you're listening to should have the best sound. The Sonos speaker are a versatile piece of technology that plays your favourite songs with clear and detailed sound. Connect all the speakers in the home when you're having a party or pick individual speakers for some personal listening with their easy-to-use Sonos app.
What's the best piece of technology you have in your home? We'd love to hear from you! Head over to @MillerHomesUK and join the conversation.