Top Recipes For Veganuary

Top Recipes For Veganuary
There are a few out there who haven't heard of 'Veganuary' - a challenge to east only vegan meals throughout January. For those looking to explore a plant-based diet, Veganuary is the perfect time to try it out and see how it works for you and your lifestyle.
We're rounded up our favourite meat-, dairy- and egg-free recipes to make sure your Veganuary meals stay varied and interesting. There are even a few classic favourites you can whip up, and the family won't even know that it's a vegan meal!
Curries are a vegan's best friend! Brimming with colour and flavour from your favourite spices, curries are the ultimate winter comfort food. You can even have been tucking into a vegan curry at your local Indian restaurant, if you've ever had Dahl. Using filling lentils as a base, this recipe from BBC Good Food adds spinach for an extra hit of green goodness and sweet potatoes for a balance of flavour. 
It can be tricky to find vegan naan breads - so why not serve up a big portion of fluffy basmati rice and crushed new potatoes quickly friend with lime juice, torn coriander and slices or fresh spring onion?
If you've got friends and family who might be missing their meat, it's time to introduce them to aubergines! These versatile vegetables have a texture which is ideal for meat replacements, and work perfectly in Japanese-inspired dishes. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for Miso-grilled aubergines using only four ingrediants - aubergines, miso, rice wine and rice vinegar!
If you're looking for something a little more indulgent for a Friday night feast, you could try your hand at aubergine katsu curry. Vegan blogger Ania at Lazy Cat Kitchen has created a homemade take of the high street restaurant favourite: crispy fried breadcrumbs enclose soft and flavoursome aubergine, all topped with an aromatic curry sauce - perfection!
Some may be putt off giving a vegan diet a go for Veganuary thinking they'd only be eating salads and boiled vegetables - but that's not the case, you can have a big bowl of comforting pasta during Veganuary! For those who love a creamy pasta dish like carbonara or alfredo, whip up a easy batch of creamy butternut squash linguine. Using dried rather than fresh pasta (which tends to contain eggs), there are are loads of recipes for this surprisingly indulgent dish - but our favourite is from American blogger Cookie and Kate, using fresh sage and some dried chilli flakes for an added kick! 
So, will you be trying Veganuary? We'd love to see your dishes, send them in to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!