Get the Most Out of Your Garden

Get the Most Out of Your Garden

Gardens can be appreciated from inside the home as well as outside - regardless of the weather! There’s nothing better than enjoying an evening in the garden and now is the perfect time to give your garden a little spruce to ensure that you’re maximising the space for Autumn.

Here at Miller Homes, we’ve compiled our top tips on how to breathe life into your outdoor space. These simple steps will elevate any garden – whether you’ve got acres of green space or just a small patch. 

Seating is essential

A garden is not all about plants and flowers; an inviting seating area provides a centre focus and conversation area in your outdoor space.

From full dining sets to benches, loungers or beanbags – there are so many options across all price ranges. Rattan furniture is very on-trend at the moment and is extremely durable to last through the colder months. We particularly love Rattan Swing Chairs as they can create a luxurious feel and bring a touch of tranquillity into your home.

A lick of paint

Wet weather, as well as direct sunlight, can take its toll on garden furniture paintwork, with sheds and fences looking faded after time. Touching these up can instantly refresh your space and set the wheels in motion to tackle your bigger gardening aspirations.

Giving a little love and attention to old plant pots can also make a difference as to how the garden feels. Bright blue, white and terracotta finishes add a real Mediterranean vibe, whereas greys and dark blues have a contemporary look.


Garden lighting creates a warm, welcoming ambience after the sun goes down. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds an additional layer of security to your home and means you can navigate safely after dark.

Whether you prefer traditional, whimsical or contemporary, there are hundreds of styles and variations to suit your garden. Festoon lights create magical, almost ethereal surroundings and string lights are brilliant for adding a special touch to parties and barbecues. Industrial in style and extremely robust, bulkhead lights are very on-trend and can create a really cool, urban space.

Soft furnishings

A garden should be treated as another room in the home with little touches of personal style to reflect your style and make the space more inviting.

Ornaments are great all-year-round for giving your garden another dimension, especially in January when there are fewer flowers.  There are plenty of modern, subtle options such as this Zinc Water Feature, which is an elegant addition to your outside space.

Candles are great for creating a romantic, calm atmosphere and can keep any pesky bugs away during the evening. Don’t be scared of introducing pillows and blankets – many brands focus on using only the most hard-wearing of materials for their outdoor furnishings, and these can easily be stored or taken inside during the winter or rainy periods.

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