How To Keep Your Home Tidy When Living With Pets

How To Keep Your Home Tidy When Living With Pets
Sharing your home with a furry, fluffy or scaly friend can be one of life's delights, and for many of us, our pets are part of the family dynamic.
Pets are full of energy and can get into all kinds of mischief, which may mean your home feels a little disorganised at times and there's unwanted paw prints to clean up!
As it's National Pet Month, there's no better time to think about how to keep your home tidy when living with pets, whether you've already got an animal companion or are thinking about welcoming one into your family. We've listed some top tips on how to keep your home clean whilst enjoying the benefits of having a pet at the same time.
Keep your pets clean
It may sound obvious, but a clean pet will make less mess indoors. For dog owners, it's advised to give dogs a thorough grooming at least a few times a week, as this will help fight against the impact of shedding. Always think of the location where you are  cleaning your pets and if the weather permits, clean them outside to avoid fur sticking to your furniture or carpets. Bathing your pet regularly can help keep any unwelcome smells at bay too.
Keep the dirt and mud out
The best course of action to keep muddy paws from peppering the floors and carpets of your home is to always wipe any remnants of mud or dirt from the outdoors before your pet enters the home. Doormats are a great way to train your pet to wait before coming inside, giving you enough time to wipe their paws to avoid any mud or dirt spreading around your home. 
Air your home
Pet smells don't need to become part of the furniture in your home. As we enter the warmer months it's the ideal time to open up the windows and let that fresh air breeze throughout your rooms. Another quick fix is to plug in a fresh air odour eliminator, as it'll get rid of any lingering pet smells. 
Dust away
Typically we think of pet mess being on the floor, but furry companions will increase the amount of dust in your home too such as small hair particles. It's important to dust your home as frequently as possible to avoid a build-up of unwanted hairs and other fine particles. Use a vacuum cleaner on surfaces initially before wiping over with a cloth - microfiber cloths are great for picking up dust and can be reused many times.
Cover up
If your pet had a favourite napping spot to cosy up in, you might want to place a cover over the area. This will help protect your furniture or flooring from any shedding of fur of potential stains. Things like old bed sheets can be easily washed out whenever needed, or you can browse through hundreds of pet beds online which come in a multitude of colours and funky prints to match your home interiors. 

Try not to worry
We're a nation of pet lovers and visitors to your home will understand a little mess is created from time to time. Ultimately, the positives of owning a family pet should outweigh any negatives, and with all these handy tips you'll be ready to keep your home looking fresh all year round.
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