Treat Your Guests to the Perfect Sleepover this Summer

Treat Your Guests to the Perfect Sleepover this Summer

Although thoughts may now be turning to the children going back to school and older ones preparing to head off to college or university, the holiday season’s not quite over yet, so you may still be welcoming and entertaining guests during the rest of the summer.    

Even though we all love an immaculate guest room, there is plenty more you can do to wow your friends and family to keep them cool and comfortable during a stay at your new home. Here are just a few of our top tips to keep everyone smiling during their stay and talking about your summer sleepover all year long.

A home away from home

Whether or not they’ve had a long journey, it’s important to give your guests a sanctuary where they can take a quick breather and reset their social batteries. No matter how long they are staying, everyone needs privacy and a space to retreat to.

Make sure their guest room is ready for them, with fresh linen, flowers, storage space and your wi-fi password.

Stock up

Why not try to replicate the feeling of a luxury hotel and give your guests a welcome drink on arrive.  It’s easy to find something fun to cater for all tastes  summer cocktail or glass of prosecco to celebrate their arrival?

For those that don’t drink alcohol,  there are plenty of mocktail ideas online, as well as fine tea and coffee. Whatever you have, just make sure you are fully stocked with the essentials for their stay, including their favourite treats and even the fab summer inspired ice lollies.

Embrace the outdoors

Take advantage of the sun while it’s here and plan your own camp out or mini festival! If you have children, then this is a great way to keep them happy too.

Dig out the blankets, gather around a patio table, and play some summer-inspired music through a bluetooth speaker for chilled out party vibes.

Then when it gets late, roast some marshmallows around a firepit and keep some throws or sleeping bags close as the temperatures drop into the evening.

Entertain the children

If you or your guests have children make sure you have plenty of games and activities planned, like badminton or a trampoline. Get them involved in the camping experience too by providing their very own cool tent or teepee – it’s sure to make them sleep well!

Goodbye breakfast

You want to make sure your guests feel like they are being treated like royalty from the second they arrive to the second they leave, so make sure to send them off with a hearty breakfast.

Don’t just settle with cereal and buttered toast (unless, of course, they ask for that), think bigger, and better. Show them that you are the master chef of the kitchen and whip up some homemade Scotch pancakes or eggs Benedict.

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