Valued partnersValued partners

Valued partners

It is not just our own direct actions that affect our impact on the world and the people in it, but also the actions of the organisations we partner with and the ones we support.

Supply chain

Group suppliers provide 91% of house build materials and must meet our wider corporate standards. Their credentials including policies, targets, and positions are assessed during procurement, and we collaborate to ensure we jointly achieve our sustainability and responsible sourcing goals. Our supply chain assessment is an ongoing process to ensure all suppliers align with our targets.

Codes of conduct

We have created a code of conduct to inform and guide our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure they meet our standards. We are developing a portal which will include the Code and provide supporting materials to ensure everyone we work with believes in our purpose and recognises A Better Place.

A partnership approach to working with landowners

We focus on building open and transparent relationships with our landowner partners in order to enable effective and efficient communication. The objective is to create viable and sustainable developments that deliver connected communities and leave a legacy for future generations.

This open and transparent partnership approach permeates every aspect of our interaction with landowners and their agents. This begins from when we negotiate initial terms right through to land purchase.

Our approach to securing an interest in land is one of flexibility, we listen to a landowners requirements and react accordingly, resulting in sites being secured through a variety of land agreements. These may take the form of freehold purchase, option agreements, joint ventures, promotional agreement or a hybrid agreement.

Communication is the key to success. We pride ourselves on positive two-way interaction with our landowner partners, local communities and local authorities throughout the complete development process.