Quality homesQuality homes

Quality homes

We want to help create communities with the right infrastructure in place to support local needs for years to come. This means providing good access to open spaces, amenities, transport, connections, schools and workplaces. Our approach to placemaking encompasses social, environmental and economic sustainability criteria. The homes we build will always be in desirable places where our customers want to live.

Construction Quality Reviews

A foundation stone in our approach to effective placemaking is building high quality homes. The quality of our homes is a source of pride and we want to ensure that each home is delivered to the best standards. The National House Building Council (NHBC) conducts an annual assessment of construction quality across 38 build stages, known as Construction Quality Reviews (CQR). In addition, our site teams inspect at different stages throughout the build process and particularly as the home approaches handover to customers, when an additional quality review by management is performed.

We aim to achieve an annual Construction Quality Rate of over 85%

In 2022, CQRs were undertaken on 90 individual sites, of which 88% of stages inspected were compliant with or better than the minimum standards, this is 3.9% higher than in 2021.

84.1% 2021
88% 2022