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What makes us different?

What makes us different

We have happier homebuyers.

We’ve been building homes since 1934 – that’s three generations of experience. We’ve learned a lot about people and that’s made a big difference to what we do and how we do it.

We’re enormously proud of the homes we build, combining traditional craftsmanship with new ideas like low carbon technologies. The big difference is that we don’t stop caring once we’ve finished the building, or when we’ve sold the house, or even once you’ve moved in. We’re there when you need us, until you’re settled, satisfied and inviting your friends round.

The Miller Difference

The Miller Difference

The Miller Difference is about trust and helping where we can, pushing up standards and keeping you involved. It's a better place, for your future.

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What our customers have to say

Read our testimonials to hear what some of our customers have to say about their new home.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Satisfaction Results.

One of the biggest priorities we have is being there for customers before, during and after the home-buying process. We’re very proud of our reputation for quality and care.

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A Better Place

For 80 years, Miller Homes have been building homes and developing communities. We take our responsibility to future generations very seriously and are committed to making every home, A Better Place.

Options and Extras

Options and Extras

That’s the beauty of buying a Miller home. Choose from our wide range of Options and you can make your new home just the way you want it, right down to the last detail.

Find your new home

Find a showhome

The best way to judge a new home is to see it finished and furnished. Find a showhome to visit here.

Our Offers

Help to Buy - on every step of the ladder.

Buy a new Miller home with just a 5% deposit, thanks to the Government backed scheme Help to Buy.

Home Exchange - Break chains that bind.

If you’re having trouble selling your present property, we may be able to buy it from you. Sign up to Home Exchange and in one leap you are free!

Deposit Match - Thrift Rewarded!

Sometimes, we give you money (okay, we know it seems unlikely). But we may match the deposit you’ve saved, up to 5% of the total price.

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