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The cookies employed by Miller Homes are used for obtaining basic information which we use to enhance your visit to our website. Some of these last only for so long as you remain on our website and some are kept for repeat visits.

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Cookies used by Miller

Cookie Name Description
ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie is used by our server code to link a user to a session so that information about their visit can be stored on the server as they move from one page to the next.
SC_ANALYTICS_SESSION_COOKIE Used by our website to track users' interactions with the site.
mh_promo Stores the value of the last promotional page the user has landed on. This lets us associate a registration with a promotion.
MHAUTH Required to allow a website visitor to stay logged into the site for up to 180 days from their last visit.
mh_acceptcookies Stores the fact that the user has been presented with information about the website's use of cookies.
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE Used by our website to track users' interactions with the site.

Third Party Cookies

'Miller Homes' uses trusted service providers like Google Analytics to assist us in analysing data from visits to our website. We do not control these cookies in the same way as the Miller Homes cookies. We list below these third parties. If you wish more information on these cookies we recommend you visit the relevant website.

Partner Name What their cookies are used for

Miller Homes use Google Analytics to gather statistics on how people interact and navigate the Miller Homes website. These statistics are used to make the website easier to use for its visitors.

Google Maps are used to present search results on a map view.

The Google Adwords Display Network cookie allows us to ensure we show you the most relevant advertising on third-party websites. Further information can be found here.

Twitter A home page feature that displays the lastest tweets from Miller Homes twitter account (@MillerHomesUK).
Facebook A home page feature that displays the lastest posts on Miller Homes' facebook page.
Yahoo A home page feature that displays the lastest blog entries from the Miller Homes blog
Infinity Tracking We use the Infinity Tracking solution on our website in order to ascertain where a visitor has come from and what telephone number to display to them. For further information visit: http://www.infinity-tracking.com/support/Cookie_Storage
Inspectlet We use this service to help us understand how people interact with certain pages of our website so that we can improve usability. Data is anonymous.

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