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Interior Design Tips For First Time Buyers

Interior Design Tips

It’s great to see more and more first time buyers joining the property market with the support of Help to Buy. Not only is it a very exciting and busy time for new home owners, but it can also be an overwhelming process too.

Personalising a whole home can require a lot of time, thought and preparation. So whilst you’re settling in, we thought we would give you a few handy hints and tips on interior design for when the time comes to transform your house into a home.

- Mood boards

It’s important to know how you want each room to look and feel before buying any furniture, accessories or even worse, paint! A mood board can help focus your attention and create a plan for each room. Use pictures from magazines and add colour swatches and fabric samples to help bring your visions to life.

- Be patient

It can be very tempting to dash to the sales and find some wonderful bargains but once you come home and find they don’t work in the space or complement other furniture in the room, they simply become a waste of money. Do some research, get samples and measure all spaces before purchasing any furniture.

- Lighting

Lighting can be the make or break of a room, whatever the budget is. Give careful consideration to each room as the lighting should reflect the room’s purpose such as cooking, relaxing, working or entertaining. Getting the right lighting can make the home feel warm and welcoming to guests or can create the perfect atmosphere for working.

- Art

Many first time buyers tend to be on a tight budget when buying their home, so it is inevitable a few ‘make do’ pieces of furniture and accessories will be used to get by. However, art can be a real investment, spend money on a couple of key pieces that you really love and pull out the colours from the artwork in your accessories. It will help complete a room and if chosen well, the piece may be timeless.

- Neutrals are key

Taste and trends come and go, so it’s good to keep a simple colour palette for big items such as sofas, beds and kitchens. A lime green kitchen may look good for 2014 but it won’t look as chic and stylish in a couple of years. Having a neutral base gives you more opportunity to accessories in different colours and fabrics, plus they can be easily changed for a fraction of the price.

- Get inspiration

If you need some interior design inspiration our Pinterest board is packed full of cool, sophisticated and fun ideas. Plus our choices centre is open for you to select the perfect foundations, including a fabulous range of kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and carpets as well as lighting, tiles and taps, all of which come in a variety of colours and styles for your new home.

To find your nearest Miller Homes development, please visit our website.

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Great Locations Captured On Camera

352047 resize

These days, with the proliferation of camera phones and compact digital cameras, most of us are equipped to take a snap at a moment’s notice, meaning we can ensure spontaneous and special moments are captured forever.  Everyone can be an amateur photographer and as a nation we are taking more photos than ever!

With this in mind, Miller Homes has recently launched a fabulous photography competition encouraging people to explore and appreciate the locations in which they live.

The Great Locations Photography Competition wants entrants to focus on why they love the area in which they live and what’s great about it.  So whether you love the landmarks in your area; feel proud of your local town centre; or if you can’t get enough of your home’s idyllic rural backdrop – we want to know about it, or rather, we want to see it!

So what are you waiting for – get snapping and let us see what you come up with!

Entries should be sent to millerhomesphotocomp@miller.co.uk and once received will be published on Miller Homes’ social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+).  Deadline for entries is 26th October 2014 and full terms and conditions can be read here.

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Location, Location, Location – Rutherglen


Continuing our blog series focusing on some of our fabulous locations across the country, our hotspot this week is Rutherglen - Scotland’s oldest Royal Burgh.  

Located approximately four miles south of Glasgow in an area known as Burnside, this salubrious location is incredibly sought after, with mature leafy green tree-lined streets. This idyllic spot is where we have just launched our Woodburn Gait development, and with a choice of luxurious four and five bedroom homes, it is without a doubt going to be a wonderful place to raise a growing family.

Due to Woodburn Gait’s superb location, it is ideal for those who may have to commute. The main motorway networks of Scotland are better accessed via the new M74 extension, making it easier to travel to Carlisle and the south, as well as Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh. In addition, for those who prefer to travel by train, there are stations in Burnside and Rutherglen which are approximately a 10-minute walk from the development.

Rutherglen has a Charter dating back to 1126 and is claimed to be the oldest Royal Burgh in Scotland. By right of the Charter, granted when it was a fishing village, Rutherglen’s residents are entitled to free movement along the Clyde to the sea and back. The long established Rutherglen Cruising Club now uses the river as a popular recreation asset.

In addition to the Cruising Club, Rutherglen has a wide selection of sporting and leisure amenities, including Stonelaw Sports Centre with its synthetic pitches. There are also three tennis clubs and a superb selection of golf courses within easy reach.

Rutherglen’s thriving Main Street is only a 10 minute walk from Woodburn Gait, but there is also the local shopping area in Stonelaw Road which has a supermarket, butchers, bakers, florist and hairdressers. There is also a good selection of non-denominational and Roman Catholic primary and secondary schools. The development is within the catchment area for Calderwood Primary and St Mark’s RC Primary, as well as Stonelaw High School and RC secondary Trinity High.

Embracing the surrounding countryside, this really is a destination of tranquillity and natural beauty, defining it as the ultimate place to live.

To see more of our developments, visit our Pinterest board.

For more information on Woodburn Gait and our other developments, please visit www.millerhomes.co.uk

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Decorate a Desirable Den For Your Little Ones


Following on from our previous blog on moving home with kids, we’ve asked our team of interior designers to give us some top tips that we can share on how to achieve a stylish bedroom for your children when it’s time to decorate your new home.

• Choose a theme that can run throughout the room. Generic themes like animals work well for younger children or try fairies for little girls or a nautical vibe for boys. Once you have decided on your theme you can co-ordinate colours and accessories to match, from vibrant rugs to large floor cushions and matching lampshades to give it that cosy feel.

• If you don’t want to go with wallpaper, a popular on-trend alternative is to use a stencil to create a feature mural that introduces the room’s main theme. Alternatively take a look at the range of wall stickers on offer. They’re easy and fun to apply and your little ones can be involved in helping you stick them up. Don’t worry if they get stuck in the wrong place or they don’t look right – they can be easily removed. Another idea is to try chalkboard paint. This makes a creative and interactive backdrop for any bedroom.

• A great way to give the room real personality is to display your children’s artwork on the walls alongside special photos of family members, friends and holiday memories. Try using lots of different coloured frames on one wall or put a piece of string from wall-to-wall like a washing line and peg up the artwork.

• Simple, plain furniture is the way to go as it will last longer and your little ones are less likely to out grow a wooden white bed than a four poster princess one. A desk is an important addition to the bedroom for youngsters of any age. Young ones will like to sit and draw and older children can use it to do their homework.

• Finally make sure you have enough storage for all their toys and games. In smaller rooms go for things like cabin beds with a desk underneath or if you don’t fancy something so high, then large draws that fit under the bed are a perfect solution. Make sure you have lots of coloured boxes and baskets so you can store things tidily and try hanging things on wall pegs or inside cupboard doors. 

To find your nearest Miller Homes development, please visit our website.

For inspiration on how to create the perfect bedroom for your children, visit our pinterest board.  We also have a board showcasing our own fabulous kids' bedrooms.

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Happy Kids, Happy Move – Moving With Kids

Moving with kids

Moving house can be challenging for everyone but especially for children. Whether you are moving a few streets away or to a new region, any move will be bound to be a little unsettling. They will think about if they have to move school, making new friends and how they will like their new home.

To help, we have compiled some tips on how you can ease your children into the moving process and how to make everything run as smoothly.

Be honest – Tell them why, where and when you will be moving as soon as possible and be open to any questions they may have. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel. If it is a big move involving a new school, there are many resources that can support you and your child during the transition.

Involve them – If possible take your children with you on your house hunting and plan visits to not only the home but the area you will be moving to once you have made a decision. Introduce them to the area and point out places that they might enjoy visiting when you are settled including playgrounds, shops, leisure centres and if it applies, their new school.

Let them design their new room – Create a room plan with them so they can decide where all their belongings will go in their new space. When it comes to decorating their room, let them be involved by creating a mood board with them. They can then pick out what colours and themes they would like.   

Unpack their room first – They will feel unsettled for a while after you arrive so having familiar things around them will feel comforting. Create a first night box which has a few essentials that can be taken out right away including their favourite toy and pyjamas.

One change at a time – If you have a toddler who you feel is ready for potty training or about to move into a new bed, wait until your move is finished and they are totally settled. Too many changes to their normal routine can cause extra stress.

All of our developments are in fantastic locations which offer a wide range of facilities and amenities for the entire family. For more information, please visit our website.

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