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Happy Kids, Happy Move – Moving With Kids

Moving with kids

Moving house can be challenging for everyone but especially for children. Whether you are moving a few streets away or to a new region, any move will be bound to be a little unsettling. They will think about if they have to move school, making new friends and how they will like their new home.

To help, we have compiled some tips on how you can ease your children into the moving process and how to make everything run as smoothly.

Be honest – Tell them why, where and when you will be moving as soon as possible and be open to any questions they may have. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel. If it is a big move involving a new school, there are many resources that can support you and your child during the transition.

Involve them – If possible take your children with you on your house hunting and plan visits to not only the home but the area you will be moving to once you have made a decision. Introduce them to the area and point out places that they might enjoy visiting when you are settled including playgrounds, shops, leisure centres and if it applies, their new school.

Let them design their new room – Create a room plan with them so they can decide where all their belongings will go in their new space. When it comes to decorating their room, let them be involved by creating a mood board with them. They can then pick out what colours and themes they would like.   

Unpack their room first – They will feel unsettled for a while after you arrive so having familiar things around them will feel comforting. Create a first night box which has a few essentials that can be taken out right away including their favourite toy and pyjamas.

One change at a time – If you have a toddler who you feel is ready for potty training or about to move into a new bed, wait until your move is finished and they are totally settled. Too many changes to their normal routine can cause extra stress.

All of our developments are in fantastic locations which offer a wide range of facilities and amenities for the entire family. For more information, please visit our website.

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Location, Location, Location - Seaton Delaval

Seaton Delavel

As we continue our blog series highlighting some of the most desirable places to live in the UK, we take a look at Seaton Delaval in Northumberland.

The historic village of Seaton Delaval has a population of just 4,371 people, nestled quietly in the picturesque South East corner of Northumberland. Once a vibrant mining community, the town’s legacy dates back to the 12th Century when its name was first attested as ‘Seaton’ meaning ‘sea town’, referring to the close proximity of the sea.

For those who love to explore, one of the finest stately homes in the North East is located close to the heart of the village. Seaton Delaval Hall was built in the 18th Century by grand architect Sir John Vanbrugh. Considered his greatest work, Delaval Hall was commissioned by the wealthy Admiral George Delaval, who sadly never saw its completion.

The estate upon which it is built boasts a scandalous 900 year legacy of romance, military occupation and terrible fires, making it a must-see slice of history for residents and visitors alike. Don’t forget to listen out for the resident ghost and tales of a legendary curse.

Surrounded by the scenic coastal towns of Blyth and Whitley Bay, as well as the popular dog-friendly stretch of sand at Seaton Sluice beach, visitors to Seaton Delaval can take advantage of days at the seaside and idle wanders through the countryside and nearby areas of natural beauty.

Although considered a quiet Northumberland village, a short drive down the A190 is Northumberland’s largest shopping destination Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure in Cramlington. A slightly further distance away is the thriving heart of Newcastle City Centre, which offers hundreds of shops, boutiques, bars and more restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in the North East.

The culturally rich village is home to Astley Community Park, a number of well performing schools, medical facilities and an arts community centre to complement the needs of growing families. The regionally renowned ice-cream parlour Crescent Cafe can satisfy the sweetest of cravings for those spending a relaxed summer afternoon window shopping through the town’s local amneties.

Miller Homes’ Wheatfields development at Seaton Delaval is an ideal retreat for first-time buyers, growing families and empty nesters searching to find a convenient location with a real community feel. Home buyers can choose from three, four and five-bedroom homes with a varied range of designs situated far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city living, but close enough for ease.

For more on Seaton Delaval and other Miller Homes developments, visit our website.

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Make The Most Of Your Home This Summer

BirkacrePark 1
A recent survey revealed that nearly 74% of Brits are planning to stay in the UK this summer in order to make the most of local attractions and to enjoy their own home rather than travel abroad.  So for those looking to spend more time relaxing at home, we thought we would outline a number of ways to prepare your house for a holiday at home this summer. 

Summer is a great time to inject colour into a home, whether it’s adding some bold accessories, repainting the garden furniture or simply changing your bedding to a lighter (and brighter) option. Some of the hottest trends right now include bright colours like lime greens and fuchsias, tropical prints and wildlife accessories, all of which will help bring a summer feel into a home. 

The kitchen often goes through a transitional process during the summer months as slow cookers and roasting trays are pushed to the back of the cupboard. Make meal times more exciting and bring a drop of sunshine into the home with pastel ceramic plates and bright sharing platters for salads. These also make a great feature for the dining room table. 

The garden becomes an extra living/dining room during the warmer months and is a great space for entertaining guests in summer evenings. Garden furniture is easy to renovate with a splash of paint, pastel colours and bright reds are also popular at the moment. Use potted plants and colourful statues to accessorise as this will give the garden a personality and make it feel more welcoming to guests. 

All of our developments are designed to reflect their beautiful surroundings such as our stunning Birkacre Park development in Chorley (pictured) with its gorgeous pond and greenery that allows residents to feed the ducks and enjoy sunny days.

If you’re still struggling for inspiration on how to make the most of your home this summer, visit one of our marketing suites, show homes or Pinterest board where we have a number of great ideas to share. 

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The 1980s (World Firsts)

1980 -  Miller Group In celebration of our 80th year in the business, we are revisiting our heritage as we outline the story of how we became one of the UK’s leading housebuilders. Continuing our trip down memory lane, we are now looking at Miller Homes during the 1980s, a decade that included world firsts and continued success for the company.

Following a successful collaboration with the Calor Group during the 70s, two semi-detached Miller homes were fitted with new innovations in solar heating. Considered a world first, Professor Sir Hermann Bondi, Chief Scientist at the Department of Energy and Chairman of the Advisory Council on Energy Conservation, described the project as ‘a major step forward and a special contribution to energy conservation’. 1980 saw tours of the houses for Surveying and Architectural professionals and building societies and local authorities, with Sir Hermann officially opening the solar home. 

Only four years later we were able to produce the first speculative solar heated houses in the world. The houses, which were introduced into a live development, incorporated heat recovery, air tightness and substantial insulation which, when combined, were predicted to save up to two thirds of the energy that a standard house would use.

Moving completely away from technology and innovation, in the summer of 1982 our site teams discovered what was believed to be the best-preserved surviving Roman building in Scotland. A Roman bathing site was discovered in Bearsden near Glasgow and our Roman Road development was planned around the bath-house, allowing the historic building to remain intact.

In 1984, our Golden Jubilee celebrations were in full swing and, as always, we were eager to give something back to the communities in which we were involved. An adventure playground funded by the Sir James Miller Edinburgh Trust was opened at Edinburgh Zoo. Members of staff and communities alike were involved in the festivities, including a specially designed Miller Group float which took part in the opening ceremony of the world-renowned Edinburgh International Festival. 

In an interesting twist and as part of a brand new sales initiative, Miller Homes Southern began a unique experiment which involved a couple who were paid £200 to live in a Miller show home. Chosen from 150 applicants, the couple were tasked with transforming the show house into a home. In the four weeks they were with us, sales rocketed and the first 15 £100,000 homes were sold ahead of the estimated three months target. 

In 1986, James Millers and Partners Ltd reached one of its most important milestones when the company officially changed its trading name to The Miller Group Limited. To coincide with the new name, a brand new logo was introduced.

To see a range of historic Miller Homes photography be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

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Stay Secure While On Holiday


Whether you are packing your bags for a luxurious trip abroad or you are staying close to home this summer, keeping our properties safe from potential intruders while we’re away will always be at the forefront of our minds before setting off.

With schools up and down the country either finished or finishing for the holidays and families eager to get away for their relaxing summer break, we have compiled a list of top tips to secure your home before you make that all important getaway.

- With the excitement and expectation of going on holiday, a lot of people fall victim to posting about their adventures on social media. In most cases most of our accounts will be private but you never know who is reading and letting people know that your house is going to be empty is never the best option.

- Ensure that you tell a trusted member of your family or a friend that you are going away and provide them with a spare key for any emergencies.

- Before you leave make sure that all windows and doors are secure and locked. An open window will be an open invitation to intruders.

- Ensure your alarm system is working. We all rely on our security system and knowing that it is fully operational will set our minds at ease. For extra reassurance some companies can link your system to your mobile phone which will then let you know if your alarm has been triggered. It is also advised to test your fire alarms also.

- Turn off any electronic equipment excluding various items that need to be powered constantly i.e your fridge and freezer. This will save you money while you are away and reduce the risk of a fault or fire. An extra security tip is to purchase timers, these can be set to turn lamps off and on throughout the day to make it seem like someone is home.

- Hide away any mobile technology such as ipods, ipads and laptops that you may be leaving behind. This also applies to spare keys and wallets. Find a safe place that you will remember and keep them out of sight of any passers-by.

- Tidy away your garden tools. Any spades, shovels and other gardening equipment should be tidied and locked away in your garden shed or garage. Leaving these out can provide a handy help for any intruders. Also ensure that any valuables such as bikes are stored away and that you lock your garden gate on departure.

All Miller homes are fitted with double glazed PVCU windows as standard as well as a multi-point door locking system to the front and rear doors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fitted with battery back-up. We also offer additional extras including an intruder alarm.

For information on our developments please visit our website.

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