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Location Location Location Blyth

Wensleydale Park

Spring has well and truly sprung and the coastal town of Blyth is the perfect location to enjoy the beaming sunshine with your family.

Known for its rich history of coal mining, ship building and fishing, this bustling port town is located in South East Northumberland, thriving as an ideal settlement area for families of all ages, with plenty to see and do all year round. 

The picturesque South Beach attracts families from across the county, boasting all of the ingredients to make a great family day out, with a children’s play area, award winning fish and chip and ice cream shops and an amenity building nearby.

South Beach is also home to the only beach huts in Northumberland, overlooking a stretch of beautiful golden sand. The beach huts are extremely popular with couples, families, walkers, surfers, canoeists and sea anglers, and are available to rent on an annual, seasonal, monthly, weekly or daily basis.

For lovers of the great outdoors, Blyth is home to Ridley Park, located less than a five minute walk away from the town centre. The leafy park is an ideal setting to enjoy a stroll with a loved one through its scenic formal gardens and woodland areas. Little ones are also catered for with children’s play areas and a unique water play area for the summer months.

Leaders of an active lifestyle can revel in the busy schedule of activities at Blyth Leisure Centre. The wide range of activities and facilities on offer range from a swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms for those looking for relaxation, to trampolining and martial arts to satisfy any thrill seekers.    

Nestled in the town centre is the thrice weekly Blyth Market. Shoppers can browse a selection of fresh produce, handmade goods and unique gift ideas. An abundance of well-known retailers can also be found in the town centre.  

This wonderful residential area in beautiful Northumberland offers a diverse range of stunning outdoor attractions as well as appealing practical amenities sought after by househunters.

Find out more information on our Wensleydale Park and new Portland Wynd developments in Blyth, or our other developments in the North East on our website

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National Gardening Week tips for gardening in Summer 2015

To coincide with National Gardening Week, we have come up with some tips and suggestions to help you celebrate summer in your garden.

With spring now upon us it is a great time to get stuck into your garden. Garden maintenance is a year round project, but preparing your garden in spring with tasks such as planting will mean you have all of summer to enjoy it.

Your first garden or your new garden might seem very daunting, but it will be a much easier project if you break it down to simple tasks. If this isn’t you first garden the blank canvas might leave you feeling a little lost in the excitement of where to start.

Our first tip is take the time to think about what you want from your garden. Are you making it family friendly, a place to entertain, have you thought about flower beds or somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables.

Once you have decided what you want from your garden, make a plan of what needs to be done and in what order, this will help to keep you focused.

To get started in the garden, you're going to need a small number of garden tools. Picking out the essential gear for your new hobby can be great fun, most large supermarkets and gardening centres will stock the tools that you will need.

One of the first things we suggest for you to think about is the placement of trees and large bushes. If you want to have a tree or any large bushes in your garden you will need to identify areas where they could grow, a tall growing tree will need to be a few metres from your home. Hedges and windbreaks may be needed to provide shelter, privacy, structure or to attract wildlife to your garden.

Now it’s time to think about flowers, annuals are known to be an easy plant for beginner gardeners to care for and they are also widely available. When planning your flower bed choosing the right plant for the right place is important, ensuring they have enough room to grow.

It is also worth considering the following, when and where you want colour or interest in the garden.

If you are still stuck on which plant is right for you and your garden use the RHS Plant Selector for ideas. Now all that is left to do I get some furniture in your garden and hope for a summer of good weather where you can make the most of the outdoors. 

We also have a Pinterest board dedicated to gardening, we hope it inspires your green fingers. Send us photos on Facebook or Twitter of what you have done to your garden, we'd love to see your work. 

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National Pet Month Welcoming a New Pet Home

National Pet Month is upon us (April 1st – May 4th 2015) and sometimes a four legged friend can make a home. To celebrate National Pet Month and the nation’s love of animals, we have compiled a list of top tips on how to welcome a new furry friend into your household.

-          Stock Up On Supplies

In the weeks leading up to your new pet coming home its best to be over prepared for the big day. For dogs and cats you will need to choose a collar, a lead for dogs, feeding and water bowls, food, some toys and a place for them to sleep. Don't forget to prepare an identification tag with your contact details i.e. your pet’s name, your name, address and telephone number if you are letting them outside the house. Ensure that you add a cat scratching post to your list to save your furniture from those sharp nails.

-          Find Their Spot

To us a training crate may seem a little cruel but to your pet it’s a place of their own and somewhere they can find comfort.  Find a quiet place in your home to place the crate and be sure to introduce your animal to the space. Let them know it’s theirs by placing some of their favourite toys in and around it. Having this will also help with training especially in dogs.

-          Prepare Your Family

Taking care of a pet is no easy task so some changes may have to be enforced around the home to prepare for the new addition. Involve the kids by working up a schedule with jobs they can help with including feeding times, exercise and play time, training and changing their water bowls. This will not only help them bond with the animal but it will give them a sense of responsibility. 

-          Welcoming a Second Pet

When introducing a second pet into your home you have to take into consideration the current residing animal. Some animals can be very territorial over people and places so introduce your new pet in a controlled environment and make sure that you are in the room ready to intervene. Cats by nature are very protective over their space so take things slowly at first by introducing them through the cat carrier. If there is any tension it’s not the time. It is known that having cats of different ages and gender will be easier to integrate as they will feel less defensive. Generally, your current cat will best accept a kitten as the kitten will grow to his or her rules.

We also have a blog post dedicated to moving with pets. For more information please click here.

To find out more about National Pet Month and their incentive for 2015, Pets and the Elderly, please visit their website.

For more information on our developments please visit our website.

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Meet our team Andrew Somerville

When it comes to creating the perfect new home and providing excellent levels of service throughout the homebuying journey, there are many people across Miller Homes who are involved in that process. In our efforts to highlight ‘the Miller Difference’ and conveying the importance of the work of our employees, our latest series of blogs will consist of interviews with various members of our teams located up and down the country.

Here we talk to Andrew Somerville, a Regional Sales Manager in our North East Region.

Name, position and how long you have been in the property industry?

Andrew Somerville, regional sales manager at Miller Homes North East.  I’ve been in the property industry for around 10 years.

What does your job involve?

I manage the sales team in the North East of England region and drive them to achieve the highest quality in all aspects of their role, including, of course, selling our fantastic houses!  We also focus on excellent customer care making sure our buyers receive the best experience possible.

I work closely with technical and commercial departments making sure the development layout is the best it can be. We also spend a lot of time on developing street scenes, an aspect which is very important to our clients when purchasing a Miller home. I believe ‘the Miller Difference’, our business philosophy which puts the customer at the heart of everything we do, is driving us even harder to deliver our quality new homes.

What did you do before you joined Miller Homes?

I worked for another housebuilder as a Sales Adviser for seven years.

What skills or qualifications do you have?

I have 10 years’ experience within the industry which has given me the knowledge to get to where I am now.  My main skills are being customer focused, sales driven and managing a team effectively to be the best we can be.

What attracted you to a career with Miller Homes?

Miller Homes has given me the opportunity to have an effective influence on all aspects of the business from a day-to-day perspective, allowing me to make a difference. ‘The Miller Difference’ is a fantastic philosophy to be a part of. The strategies the business has in place now and what they are looking to achieve in the future really is exciting to be involved in. ‘The Miller Difference’ isn’t just for our customers, it’s for employees too.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to enter the industry?

Be open-minded, give 100% and manage the whole customer journey to provide the highest standard of care.  I’ve found that ‘the Miller Difference’, the promise which we make to all customers at the start of their home buying experience, provides purchasers with the reassurance that they are in safe hands from the very beginning right through to post-completion and to achieve that makes my role very rewarding and satisfying.

For further information on Miller Homes please visit our website.


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Make your Easter cracking this year

Easter traditionally marks the start of spring and is a great time to add some life and personality to your home.  Here are our suggestions on how to bring the season into to your home in spring 2015.

Easter is a great excuse to add new colours to your home. The colours that are on trend for spring and summer 2015 are natural and cool colours. Washed-out aqua is a very on trend colour for interiors, it can brighten up and open up rooms, so it can be great for small rooms or rooms that get less light. Washed-out aqua is a relaxing and happy colour, perfect for a kitchen or somewhere to sit and enjoy a coffee.

Hague Blue is similar to navy and is another key colour for interiors this season. This colour goes perfectly with gold accessories or to make a feature wall and will instantly change any room.

Bring spring indoors by adding colour to your house with fresh flowers. White lilies are a popular flower to have in in your home or to give as a gift at Easter. Other popular flowers at Easter time are any that are white and yellow in colour, especially daffodils and tulips. Flowers that are in bloom at this time of year have a tendency to have a light and delicate scent. Whichever flowers you choose at Easter, you are certain to bring a hint of brightness and beauty into your home and remind yourself that we have said goodbye to winter.

Now you have brought this season’s colours and flowers to your home, why not show them off by hosting some guests. For the majority of people it is tradition to have a meal with friends and family on Easter Sunday, so we have pulled together some ideas for hosting an Easter-themed brunch.

Add a splash of colour to your table with a bright coloured or gingham patterned tablecloths. If you are feeling crafty go to your local arts and crafts shop, where you should be able to pick up things like feathers, decorative eggs and twigs which will all add to the Easter theme.

It’s time to think about food, eggs are great for a simple brunch dish. The easiest and quickest way to serve eggs is to scramble them; you could also add smoked salmon or ham. If you fancy trying something a little more challenging to impress your guests serve up Eggs Benedict.

Having something sweet to offer your guests after their meal, such as muffins or cakes is a great way finish off your brunch. We suggest making or buying, fruity flavoured muffins such as blueberry, or you could go for the classic Easter sweet treats, like hot cross buns and Simnel cake.

For some Easter inspiration be sure to check out our dedicated Pinterest board. We also have a recipe board that has some delicious Easter recipes.

For information on our developments please visit our website.

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