Miller Homes Community Outreach Project

Coming out of lockdown, many organisations like charities, community groups, sports teams and school clubs will have faced a large reduction in fundraising and volunteering, which they rely on to operate.
Organisations like this including churches and food banks have emerged as heroes over the last few months, having helped their communities through the Covid-19 crisis, and need support to sustain their services more than ever.

To give this support, we are offering either a day of volunteer time or a monetary donation of up to £2,500. The volunteer time could be used for teams from Miller Homes to help with maintenance work, like refreshing a church hall or tidying up a community garden, with any works to be carried out when it is safe to do so.
We are inviting organisations to nominate themselves, or individuals in order to benefit from the support we are able to offer. As part of the nomination, organisations can specify if they require volunteer time or a monetary donation. Each of our offices in the North East, which are in North Shields and Newton Aycliffe, will then choose one local good cause to benefit.
Please send your completed application forms to