Why moving home in Autumn is a great idea

Why moving home in Autumn is a great idea

Moving house marks the beginning of a new chapter and is an exciting experience for the whole family. However, no matter when you make your move, preparation is key to minimising stress and making the whole process as painless as possible. Here’s why we think Autumn is a great choice if you’re trying to decide when the best time is to move house.




Moving in Autumn gives you plenty of time to get settled into your new home in time for Winter, allowing you to finish all the unpacking and decorating before the festive season begins. What could be better than celebrating Christmas with your loved ones, with the added excitement of a brand new home? If you need some Christmas decoration inspiration, Good Housekeeping has you covered, with the Top 5 Christmas decoration trends for 2023

Autumn is also a good time to move because the schools are back! With the kids taken care of, you can get your house sorted without little ones running around. We know that kids get really excited during a move, and this can make the process a little trickier at times, so make the most of those valuable school or nursery hours.


Autumn weather is often not too hot and not too cold, making it ideal for all the heavy lifting that comes with a move. The risk of a heatwave slowing down your move is much lower in Autumn, and just as nobody wants to move house in the sweltering heat, they certainly don’t want to move house in the ice and snow either.

However, UK weather can still be unpredictable, so we recommend that you err on the side of caution by using strong, waterproof boxes. Remember to wrap fragile items in plastic or bubble wrap to prevent damage, and for electronic devices, sensitive documents, and other valuables, consider using sealable plastic bags for added protection. For more packing tips, check our Really Moving’s ultimate guide to packing.


Cost Savings 


Autumn is perfectly placed right before Black Friday and the January sales, which means you can make some great savings when kitting out your new house; think garden furniture, barbecues, the whole lot!


Additionally, as Summer is often the busiest season for moving house, all associated costs multiply due to demand. Compare My Move has revealed that because Autumn is not a peak time, it is likely that you’ll get a more enticing rate than you would just a few months earlier! Removal companies should also have greater availability, which might give you a wider choice of suppliers to compare costs. Remember to choose a removal company that belongs to the British Association of Removers to guarantee that your move is fully insured and with a professional company. 


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