How to use Smart Technology in your home

How to use Smart Technology in your home

How to use Smart technology in your home

Home technology has come a long way since the first voice-controlled speakers and home cinema systems graced our homes in the early 2000s.

With the development of new technology moving at an incredible pace, our homes, not surprisingly, can now be adapted with some amazing coordinated systems that control everything from your front door to your sleep.

Protecting the perimeter

Keeping the doors, windows, outside spaces and perimeters of our homes safe has never been easier. Video doorbells are now widely available, easily fitted and controlled from an app on your phone via your wireless network.

For extra security, combine your video doorbell with a smart lock, which gives you complete control over who accesses your home when you are in or out.

Smart home security systems are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, offering an easy to install, cost effective alternative to bringing in a third party home security provider.

Let us entertain you

Home entertainment continues to be a huge market, with a plethora of options for setting up you Smart TV and home speaker system to provide entertainment in every room of your house.

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular and easy to use home entertainment control systems, with a range of speakers to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes. However, for those that are a little more choosy when it comes to sound quality, some of the latest speakers from brands like Sonos, are simply mind blowing for a surround sound cinematic or music experience.

Smart TVs also continue to evolve in the age of Ultra HD, with the introduction of product’s like Samsung’s ‘The Frame’, which includes a groundbreaking matte display that enables users to turn their TV into a work of art when not in use.

Home comforts

Smart technology is now being adapted for uses in other areas of our home lives. Smart beds offer a temperature balancing surface to sleep on, allowing you to track your rest and even alter the firmness of your mattress.

For allergy sufferers, the latest Dyson air purifiers offer sophisticated technology that capture dust, allergens and bacteria, cleaning and improving the air flow in your house.

And robot floor cleaners have really upped their game. No longer do they get stuck, give up when the going gets tough, or get lost in your home. The latest models from brands like Laresar can cope with even the most challenging floor surfaces and home layouts through easy-to-use programmes that can be integrated with home control systems like Alexa.

Foodies delight

For anyone who loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen, there are some amazing gadgets and products to grace your kitchen worktop! Siemens produce a range of bean-to-cup coffee machines, including their Home Connect model, which allows users to start brewing their next cup of joe from anywhere in the house, using the Home Connect App.

And move over, the air fryer! Whilst this fast favourite kitchen appliance has also been upgraded to give options to control them remotely or by voice, the Anova precision oven bakes, roasts, slow cooks, sous vide and steams food perfectly, using an unbelievably sophisticated control system that can be integrated into your home control system via Alexa.

Cost -v- benefits

For any home investment or major purchase to ultimately be a good investment, the costs vs benefits must be considered. Whilst Smart appliances can bring added benefits to busy lifestyles and help us run our homes more efficiently, there are some that may not stand the test of time.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your household tech, make sure you can integrate any new products into your existing set up, and do some research before you buy to find the best possible product for you.