Women in construction at Miller Homes

Women in construction at Miller Homes

Every March we celebrate Women in Construction Week and this year the campaign is dovetailed by International Women’s Day (8 March) and their theme #embracequity. As part of our efforts to celebrate and highlight the demonstrable difference our Miller Homes’ women are making in the industry, we’ve chatted to some of our colleagues across the regions to find out why they’re so passionate about working in the sector and why it is a great choice for young women looking to start their careers.


Breaking down stereotypes

First up, we chatted to Tracey Forbes-Taylor, Regional Managing Director of our Southern region. Tracey said she loves that women in construction are continuously breaking down gender stereotypes, whether that’s by managing significant projects or running companies. As a result of this, Tracey believes that firms have discovered the benefits of gender diversity in including new perspectives and ideas.

When asked how we can shape the future of women in construction, Tracey said: “We need to go one step further in educating young women that this could be a career path for them. This can be done by visiting schools and colleges and talking to young women about the varied roles in the sector, from technical to bricklaying and beyond.”


No longer a man’s world

There are so many roles and opportunities for women in construction, but Nichola Colley, Regional Land Director for our West Midlands region said that the issue is lack of awareness. Nichola added: “A career in construction doesn’t mean you always have to be onsite, so it’s important to highlight the extent of positions available for women, from surveying to land management. The tide is turning for women in the industry though, especially in land departments. I personally know a few other female land directors and it’s really encouraging to see women in these high positions.”


Make a change for good

Housebuilding is subject to a lot of demands around sustainability improvements, something that Jo Stott, our Head of Environmental Sustainability says excites her. Speaking about what drew her to her current role, Jo said: “The challenges that the industry faces around sustainability present potentially very exciting outcomes, and we have the chance to make a change for good. There are lots of different roles for women in construction and there are no restrictions that should keep women out of the sector. It’s rewarding to see developments come together and it’s an industry that’s working to improve social and environmental outcomes, so why shouldn’t women consider it for a career?”


No two days are the same

The construction industry offers women the chance to explore a varied career while allowing us to break free of stereotypes and empower one another. Emma Spall, our Regional Customer Service Manager from Teesside said of this: “I am fortunate to work in a very diverse team and to have been accepted based on trust, credibility, and my results instead of by my gender. I love the challenges the industry faces and the accomplishment I feel when we get it right. I also love that no two days are the same; I can be in full PPE on site and then in business dress chairing meetings! I thrive on a challenge and the construction industry offers me and other women the chance to break down stereotypes on a daily basis.”


You can find more advice and inspiration on our blog, or head to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with Miller Homes. Happy Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day!