How to host the perfect coronation party at home

How to host the perfect coronation party at home

Saturday 6th May 2023 will see a historic event take place. Perhaps even a once in a lifetime event. The coronation of a new monarch – King Charles III.

Once again, just as it was for the Diamond Jubilee, a long weekend has been gifted to the British people. Now, suggestions for celebrating the occasion are being discussed in living rooms, over neighbours’ fences, and in schools across the land.

But, if you’re planning on marking the event with a celebration at home, how do you go about making it a party to remember?

Here are some top tips to point you in the right direction so you can enjoy making some amazing Coronation memories.


The Coronation Morning

The Kings Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11am on Saturday 6th May after a short procession from Buckingham Palace.

After the ceremony, more members of the royal family will join the procession back to the palace where King Charles and Queen Camilla will be joined on the balcony in a fitting conclusion to the ceremonial events.

If watching the coronation and seeing history being made is important to you, perhaps you could invite family or friends over around 9am for brunch, bacon sandwiches, cups of tea, and perhaps even a glass of fizz to sip on whilst watching the historic events unfold.


The after party

If you’d prefer to keep watching the ceremony a little more low key with endless cups of tea and Coronation biscuits to hand, you could perhaps celebrate the momentous occasion afterwards.

If the weather is set to be nice, afternoon tea or a barbeque in the garden, trimmed with red, white, and blue bunting, flags and royal themed decorations, would be a fitting event to mark the occasion.

You could even theme the food, keeping it all British and incorporate Coronation Chicken into your menu, a dish that was ‘invented’ to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 by Le Cordon Bleu cookery school founder and writer Constance Spry.  Or, how about some delicious Victoria Sponge, jam and cream scones and dainty sandwiches – what could be more British!


Sunday Funday

The evening of Sunday 7th May at 7pm will see the Coronation Concert take place at Windsor Castle – what a perfect time to host a party as the entertainment is already provided!

With names such as Take That, Bette Midler and Lionel Richie rumoured to be in the iconic line up, it’s sure to be a superb evening.

If you fancy celebrating that evening rather than on the actual Coronation Day – or perhaps you’re going to do both! – you could be as low key or as flamboyant as you wish.

Perhaps a quiet evening in front of the TV would be perfect, especially if you have taken part in a Coronation Big Lunch where people are being encouraged to get together in their neighbourhood or community for a shared lunch, cup of tea or street party.

Or the big lunch could be delayed until the evening when you host, or help to organise, a good old British buffet, where guests can enjoy food, drink, company, and a fantastic concert, which you could easily project onto a big screen so that everyone can enjoy.


Coronation street party

Whilst it is too late to apply for a formal road closure, The Street Party website has some great advice on how to do an informal street meet.

This means that you could still co-ordinate efforts with your neighbours to ensure your street and your homes are trimmed up, that everyone is participating and is made to feel welcome. It’s a great opportunity to chat to those neighbours that you perhaps don’t see that often.

Don’t forget the music too! If your party is being held at a different time to the concert, check out the Coronation play list on Spotify. Or you could make your own and add a little pomp and circumstance into it with Land of Hope and Glory or Zadok the Priest, always guaranteed to bring a sense of grandeur to any a royal occasion.


Coronation fun for little ones

Whilst the Coronation is a huge historic occasion that you will want the little ones to be involved in, it’s all about making sure they have a great time too.

Perhaps they could dress up as Kings and Queens for your Coronation celebration or have a crown making competition and procession with their friends or the children in your street.

In addition, there are some wonderful craft and colouring kits available that the children can enjoy and that will honour their involvement in the celebrations.

The Miller Homes team wishes everyone a very Happy Coronation Weekend whatever plans you have, and hope you enjoy being part of a very important occasion in history.