How To Create Kerb Appeal For Selling Your Home

How To Create Kerb Appeal For Selling Your Home

Kerb appeal is exactly what it sounds like, it’s how attractive your house looks if you take a few steps back and view it from the street. It may be something you already take pride in as a homeowner, but if you’re looking to sell, it’s not just a necessity – it’s a must have!

Why? In a survey carried out in 2021, 68% of house hunters said they may offer more money for a home with a strong ‘kerb appeal’, with three in ten people prepared to part with an extra £5,000 or more. That’s the power of a lovely looking home from the outside. If you’re looking to pack up and move, then as a seller, you’ll probably want to do everything you can to make the process both easier and quicker. Those numbers don’t lie!

So, you’re now probably wondering how to create a strong kerb appeal? At Miller Homes we like to hand over our new build homes looking as pristine as possible. As such, we know a thing or two about creating a beautiful exterior. Here’s our advice.

4 Ways To Create Kerb Appeal

Tidy up your garden

Let’s start small. Your front garden or the space outside your home is one of the first things potential buyers will see both in person, and on estate agent’s pictures. We’d always recommend investing a little time into making it look really nice. You don’t have to rip the whole thing out and start again or anything like that, just consider pruning any plants, mowing the grass, and pulling up any weeds. First impressions count!

Touch up the front door

Pictures of the front of your house are an essential when selling up, so make sure your door doesn’t look like it’s seen better days. A lick of paint can work wonders and may even take years off the look of your property. This is also great for viewers walking into your house for the first time, it can give them a real ‘new home’ feel. You may even go one step further to liven up your entrance and hang a seasonal wreath. If you head to our YouTube channel we’ve a great guide on how to create a lovely autumnal piece.

Let the house look (nicely) lived in

Baking a loaf of bread so your house smells like home before a viewing, is a trick as old as time. However, it’s worth actually putting weight behind the idea of making your house look homely so potential purchasers can imagine themselves there. This can begin right at the front door! Consider adding your own personal touches to the outside of your home including some potted plants, a new door mat, warm solar lights and even a bench. Don’t worry about hiding your cars away either, it shows your 4 walls are more than that – they’re home! In research by Evolution Money, 10% of people even said a clean car on the driveaway enhances kerb appeal for them.

Dress the windows

If the first thing a house hunter will see is your garden, their eyes will naturally travel up to your windows next. With this in mind, we’d always recommend dressing them so they look charming and welcoming. Consider a vase of fresh cut flowers, or an ornament that compliments your décor. Whilst you’re concentrating on the inside of the window, don’t forget about scrubbing down the outside glass and the sills too so they’re looking lovely and shiny, ready for visits or photos! As an extra tip, you may even want to decorate your window in line with the season to make your home appear even more stylish – think sunflowers and pumpkin ornaments for the autumn, or some beautiful blooms during the spring months.

With all the above considered, we think you’re just about ready to sell!

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