How To Celebrate Bonfire Night With Pets

How To Celebrate Bonfire Night With Pets

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey which can only mean one thing; Bonfire Night is just around the corner. The promise of autumnal celebrations filled with warm spiced cider and toffee apples and set against a dazzling firework-lit night sky is the pinnacle of the season for many people.

It can, however, be a scary time for our furry friends and some pet owners may be dreading a stressful evening spent indoors with the curtains firmly drawn and the TV volume turned up high.

Here, we have put together our top tips to help include our four-legged family members in the autumnal festivities. From seasonal sweet treats to cosy fort building, make this a 5th of November to truly remember.

Firework Scavenger Hunt

Not all fireworks need to be accompanied by flashing lights and big bangs, so why not get the kids to make crafty fireworks from empty kitchen rolls. These can then be hidden around the house with a few treats tucked inside to encourage your cat or dog to join you on a homemade scavenger hunt.

Not only will this create a welcome diversion to the noise outside, it is a good opportunity to exercise your pet when the usual evening walk may be off limits.

Tasty Treats

The autumn harvest brings with it some of the year’s tastiest produce, perfect for creating comforting treats for your pets to enjoy and get into the spirit of the season. Pumpkin adds a healthy sweet kick to homemade dog treats, which can be quickly and easily made from a few store cupboard staples. Why not add a bit of spice to the evening by baking ginger dog biscuits in the shape of fireworks and stars.

A simple, seasonal snuffle mat could also be used to occupy stressed-out pooches and can be crafted together at home as a fun activity for all the family

Blanket Fort

Building a blanket fort is a fantastic rainy day activity and it really comes into its own on Bonfire Night. By creating a cosy, secluded space in your home, you can really help animals feel secure and sheltered from the bangs and flashes of fireworks. Have fun thinking up different autumnal themes for your fort, with a little imagination it can be transformed into anything; from a badger’s set to an owl’s tree hollow.

Blanket forts provide an ideal place to read stories together, and the sound of your voice can often have a calming effect on your pets. Alternatively, you could play some soothing classical music that reflects the theme of your fort, think Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’ or Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral)’.

Dress Up Fun

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween; get creative with spooky season costumes and create fun family memories – whether it’s with a tastefully decorated collar or a full regal rig-out in honour of King James I. It is important to never force an animal to wear something that makes them uncomfortable and to always ensure that costumes are flame resistant.

How are you planning to spend Bonfire Night with your pets? Let us know your top tips for celebrating the festivities with your furry friends on our Facebook and Instagram page.