June's Jubilee! It's almost time to celebrate the last 70 years

June's Jubilee! It's almost time to celebrate the last 70 years

2022 is a hugely significant year in British history. Our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended to the throne at just 25 years old, celebrates her Platinum Jubilee – 70 years as the monarch of the Commonwealth.  The year that Miller Homes was a mere ten years old!!

A four-day bank holiday has been granted in the UK, 2 – 5th June, and with many official celebrations, concerts and parties set to take place we thought we’d provide a few ways that you can get in on the party!

Whether it’s a peaceful night in front of the TV, or an all-encompassing street party, here are a few ways in which you can easily join in the Jubilee.

A TV dinner

Sometimes a quiet celebration in our homes is all that is needed. With such busy lives, a night in can often seem like the most wonderful treat! On Saturday 4th June, the Platinum Party at the Palace will take place in front of Her Majesty the Queen, and you too if you fancy it! Streamed live across BBC One and BBC iplayer, the concert will feature many a music star and actor telling the story of her seven-decade reign, all supported by a full-live orchestra and the stunning backdrop of Buckingham Palace and central London. With all that entertainment provided, all you need to do is sort out the food and drink. We’re thinking that a simple grazing board, or a bowl of warming chilli or a traditional fish and chip takeaway would do the trick, all accompanied by your favourite tipples, a good old cup of English tea, or a bottle of fizz – it is a celebration after all!

Garden gathering

We all know that our Queen likes nothing more than a garden party, indeed the Royal Family has hosted them at Buckingham Palace and Holyrood House since the 1860s.

So, taking a leaf from their book, what do you need to create the perfect garden party?

It’s pretty simple really.  Guests and copious amounts of tea, sandwiches, cake, and nice weather! Whilst you can plan for the rest, either by providing the food and drink for all your guests or asking each person to bring a specific dish that you can arrange appetisingly on a pre-decorated table, it’s always good to have an indoor option available, should the British weather fail to co-operate.

Don’t forget as well to adopt a platinum or red, white and blue theme; a few well-placed flags, some bunting and other royal themed decorations will make it an afternoon to remember. And, should you have little people in attendance, you could ask them to come in royal themed fancy dress with a prize for the best costume, organise some party games and have some traditional treats such as jelly and ice cream, cupcakes and even a sweetie stall for evening snacking!

Street scene

Street parties have long since been a way of celebrating huge royal occasions so why should this super special one be any different?

There is still time to organise a great event with your neighbours over the bank holiday weekend and, even if you don’t manage to get the entire street involved, you could always revert to a smaller gathering in a front garden.

However, if you’re aiming high… firstly, put together a quick letter and do a mail drop to those in your street. Ask for replies as to whether they will join in and don’t forget to explain the details – time, date etc. It’s always easier if everyone is just encouraged to sit outside their homes and provide their own food, drink and decorations; it won’t take long until everyone is wandering up and down and having a great time! If you live in a street that is a throughfare and would require closing, then you need to approach your local council. Alternatively, you could take group celebrations to the local park and picnic there instead!

Wherever you are, just remember to keep the noise to a sensible level, finish at a sensible hour, and be considerate of those neighbours that perhaps didn’t want to participate.

A four-day bank holiday, in early summer, is always a great cause for celebration! We hope that you have a wonderful time whatever you do and don’t forget to share pictures to our social media channel using the # millerjubilee