Home working and how to make it a long term success

Home working and how to make it a long term success

As a homebuilder, we’re well aware of how we’ve all used our homes differently over the past couple of years. Not only have they been a place to live, they have also been a place to learn, teach and work. They have provided the backdrop for creating new, unexpected memories and now, as life beings to return to ‘normal’, many may find that a return to the office is either not necessary or that the working day may have evolved into something quite different. It seems for many, ‘hybrid working’ is here to stay.

This means that spaces within our homes are more fluid than in recent decades and our homes have been specifically designed with this in mind; places that can double up as dining or study space, dressing room or home office, playrooms or work spaces.

New homes, new lifestyles

We recently introduced a new portfolio of house styles, taking into account the changing way we use our homes. Included in this is a range of family homes that encompass flexible living spaces, designated or separate areas for work or study, and en-suites to almost all principal bedrooms as well as much sought after outdoor space. Our two, three, four and five-bedroom properties give our customers lots of opportunity to find a home that works for their individual requirements, including working from home in whatever format that takes.

Working from home with style and success

Whilst some people did work from home pre-pandemic, it still came as a bit of a surprise when many office workers shifted their desks to their homes pretty much indefinitely in March 2020. Many were not really set up to work from home and as such, people had to manage as best they could, often squeezing into corners of rooms on makeshift desks.

However, as time has gone on working from home and hybrid working is becoming more long term, many have now invested in designated workstations or work areas to ensure they are comfortable, productive and can call time at the end of the day, just as they would if they were in an office.

During the recent lockdown, leading office equipment manufacturer Fellowes conducted a research study to understand the impact that home working was having on the health and wellbeing of UK workers and to provide recommendations on how to improve it going forward.

The study discovered that whilst 49% of us operated without a proper home workstation, with 10% working from the sofa, 5% from the bed and 3% from the floor, they also recognised that these elements could be rectified with relative ease.  As a result, more people have now found a space in their homes to work from effectively and that these people were happy to make the investment in the required equipment.

Happy at home

For those who will remain working from home either part time or full time going forward, additional measures can be taken to have office standard equipment in your home. This allows home workers to ensure they have the right posture, that their eyes, wrists and backs are protected; just as they would be in an office environment where workstation assessments are carried out.

Being comfy at your desk really can help not just physically, but mentally too as it can enhance motivation and productiveness.

Making your workspace part of your home can also make it feel less intrusive too and, with some well-chosen accessories such as a scented candle, a plant and a photo, and it will soon start to feel like your own personal space. It’s also a great opportunity to choose some striking wallpaper, muted paint colours, eye-catching artwork or whatever you fancy in your home working space that will inspire you and keep you focused.

Home or hybrid working may not have been something so many of us expected to be doing just a short time ago, however for many it is here to stay and it’s very easy to make it a success for you and your home.

Look out for part two of our working from home blog when we’ll give you top tips on how to create the perfect home working space.

Competition Time Be in it to win it!

The company behind the research, Fellowes, is delighted to be offering ergonomic desk accessories in our competition that can be entered via our Facebook page, which will help one lucky winner in their quest to create an office environment to ensure the perfect balance of physical and mental wellbeing whilst working from home.



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