Design your bedroom for a better night's sleep

Design your bedroom for a better night's sleep

Sleep, the answer to a healthy mind and body, but why is a good night’s rest so hard to come by? Rumour has it that a troublesome sleep could be down to the design elements of your bedroom. Here are some top tips from our design experts to help you create a sleeping space that helps you relax into a deep and peaceful slumber.


Research shows that the average person spends 26 years sleeping, that’s 229,961 hours where comfort should not be overlooked. Invest in quality materials to make these hours count. Cotton, silk and linen are amongst the most popular choices.

However, it’s what’s underneath that really matters, so be sure to refresh your mattresses and pillows. A mattress should be swapped every seven years for optimal comfort and pillows every two years.


Not surprisingly, a dimly lit room provides the best environment to get your head down. Using warm lighting that can be set on dimmer switches is a good way to ensure that you have a lighting solution for every scenario, night or day. Table lamps are also recommended, strategically placed close to the bed so that you don’t disrupt your body in its preparation for sleep.

Of course, natural light is hard to avoid during the day, but one source of light that should always be banned from the bedroom is the blue light from electronic devices. Swap the late-night scroll for 15 minutes of reading before bed.


Colours are often the first thing you notice about a room – choosing calming colours to create a soothing sanctuary could aid a delightful doze. Shades of blue and ivory work well for this, however, if you’re aesthetic is a little more on the dark side, shades of green and soft black could create a cosier feel.

Pair either of these colour choices with white or ivory bedding for a clean, crisp feel. 


A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind – a good night’s sleep is impossible when your brain is in overdrive. Keep your bedroom symmetrical for a balanced feel, ensuring that the bed is the focal point and elements such as bedside tables are placed at both sides as opposed to just one.

The addition of a breakaway area with seating offers a space for you to ease into a satisfying snooze, offering somewhere you can enjoy a few pages of your favourite book or a hot drink before getting your head down.

Ready for a great night’s sleep? We’d love to see your newly designed rooms and pictures. Feel free to share them with us via social media @MillerHomesUK.