Top tips on how to get to know your neighbours this Neighbours Week

Top tips on how to get to know your neighbours this Neighbours Week

Did you know, only 5 percent of Brits feel close to their neighbours and over half of us don’t even know their neighbour’s name*?

Making friends with your neighbours isn’t just great if your in a pickle and have ran out of milk, neighbours that share a good relationship are more likely to be respectful to each other, increase your social circle and can even help you feel safer at home. It can be dauting to make the first step and reach out, so this Neighbour’s Week (17 – 22 June), Miller Homes is helping you perfect the art of neighbouring with our top five tips to get to know your community better!

Cook your way to their heart

Food is a great connector and even if you don’t think you have much in common, who can say no to some delicious homemade food (or a take away)! Whip up your favourite dish and invite them round to try it or make some extra portions and deliver it to their door with a little note on why you love it. Try your hand at one of these delicious batch cooking recipes from BBC Good Food or order an extra portion or two from Just Eat next time you fancy indulging.

You never know, the smell of good food might just tempt them to make the first move!

Be a good listener

A smile and a wave hello can do wonders to break the ice and before you know it you’ll be chatting away. Take notice if someone has a problem or is feeling under the weather, asking about it later can show that you care about their lives and worries. Offer to lend an ear if they ever want to talk, even if they don’t take you up on the offer, they are sure to appreciate the gesture. It might seem like a small thing but making the effort to remember your neighbour’s name can go a long way in forging a lasting relationship.

Do a little act of kindness

Thinking of mowing the lawn? Why not offer to cut theirs too. Popping to the shops? Ask if they need anything picking up. Even bringing the bins back in could save someone a little job that could really make their day. Little acts of random kindness can lead to meaningful interactions and your neighbours will be more likely to reciprocate and lend a hand when they are able too.

Get your dog to make the first move

If anyone knows how to make friends quickly, it’s a dog. While we don’t advocate for tyring some of the *ahem*, more traditional ways that dogs introduce themselves, connecting over your four-legged friends gives you something in common right away. If your neighbours are new to the area, offer to show them the best dog walking routes near you or invite their pup around for a playdate in the back garden while you get to know each other. There will be no awkward conversation if you have furry friends to bond over.

Sign up to Nextdoor

If you would prefer to connect digitally rather than IRL, download Nextdoor to chat, exchange recommendations, borrow tools or be the first to hear about local news. If making the

Have you recently moved? Or perhaps you have new neighbours? Feel free to share your top tips on forging community spirit via social our social channels at @MillerHomesUK.


*Research from Amstel in collaboration with OnePoll