Biophilic Design Ideas For A New Build Home

Biophilic Design Ideas For A New Build Home

Biophilic design (the idea of bringing the outside, in) is all the rage right now for home décor, it was even highlighted in Pinterest's 2022 trend report. Homeowners with a budding flair for interior design may enjoy this new movement, which is all around using natural resources to create a sense of harmony between modern architecture and the natural environment.

Brand new houses are the ideal blank canvas for bringing your visions to life, and that doesn’t just mean getting out your paint and rollers either. There are so many biophilic design ideas for a new build home that we can't wait to share and know you’ll be super excited to get stuck right in to by the time you’ve finished reading!

5 Biophilic Design Ideas For A New Build Home

Introduce lots of light

Isn’t it amazing how much difference lighting can make to your rooms (and your own wellbeing too)? To get started on your biophilic design journey, we recommend beginning by adjusting your drapes, shades, or blinds to get the best rays from your nearest window. Not only will this help you to connect with nature inside of your home, but the health and emotional benefits of natural light are well documented. Plus, many houseplants love a little indirect sunlight, and as you’ll see below that they play a big factor in naturistic furnishing.

Welcome nature inside

Your interior environment might be devoid of any connections to nature right now (after all, that’s what gardens are for, right?) but let us tell you why you should think about changing that. Bringing nature and natural materials into your home can help you to feel more connected to the natural world we live in.

  • Lots of house plants
  • Small indoor living walls
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Homegrown herbs on the countertop

are just four suggestions on how you can all help to bring together the indoors and the outdoors! This is a small change you can make to your decor, that may just make a big difference to your overall life. And why stop at the greens? Natural materials, such as brick, wood, or stone, provide textures and patterns that can mimic the sensory variety seen in nature. You can get as creative as you’d like to with your décor.

Go green!

If you’re ready to paint the walls in your new build home, then it may be time to use biophilic design as your inspiration for doing so. Sage green has been extremely popular in 2022 and the colour complements naturistic interiors extremely well. Not quite convinced? Surprisingly, even glancing at the colour green has been shown to be beneficial! One study discovered that looking at the colour green has the potential to lower our heart rate. You can’t argue with science!

Think outside the box

Did you know that something as simple as curvy furniture can provoke a positive mental response? One reason as to why this may be, could just be because of its likeness to things in our natural environment. Updating your décor doesn’t have to mean changing colour themes and starting over with your furniture, you may even just look to introduce a few statement pieces to your home such as scallop detailed chairs or botanical leaf motifs.

Adding water elements

Finally, biophilic design isn’t just about plants as you might think. To adopt this stylish trend into your home this year, you could consider adding an indoor water fountain to one of your rooms. Not only do they look lovely and original, but there are many soothing effects of water such as bringing a sense of elegance and serenity to an environment.

Did you know at Miller Homes, we have a wide range of choices to make your space completely unique to you? You could even be a little bit daring when you choose your options and opt for a lovely green that will set you up for introducing biophilic design to your new build home when you move in. If you’re itching to explore our options, you can also explore them right now by registering with My Miller Home feature and using our options visualiser there even before you even visit us.

Have you made any biophilic design choices in your house, or will you try out some of our suggestions after reading this blog? Let us know, we always love to hear from you! We’re on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.