How to make your home decor more sustainable in 2022

How to make your home decor more sustainable in 2022

We’re all guilty of choosing ease over eco from time to time however taking a more sustainable approach to decorating your home doesn’t have to be a drag.


Doing your research is the first and most important step in choosing a sustainable lifestyle! Knowing what products are made of and how they are produced is key to a sustainable home, keep your eyes peeled for natural materials that are non-toxic or even better, recycled. Next, consider who made it, does the brand you’re buying from value the people that make their products? Has the item been sourced and traded ethically? How far has the piece had to travel?

Most sustainable brands will have a dedicated section on their website to let you know all about their products and why they are environmentally friendly – be sure to check this out before heading to check out!


Reduce the impact on the environment (and your bank account) by giving a new life to an old item that may have otherwise ended up in landfill. Well-built furniture and home décor should last, and by shopping second hand, you’re maximising the lifespan of an item. Not only does this help to create less waste, but you’re also contributing to a reduction in demand for new items to be manufactured - a process that required the use of non-renewable resources such as oil.

Get thrifty and shop second hand at your local charity shops and car boot sales, or head over to the likes of Facebook Marketplace, Ebay or Etsy if you’d prefer to browse online.


It’s totally normal to have a change of heart when it comes to interiors, with forever changing trends and personal taste, you may find yourself looking a little differently at something you once saw the beauty in. Possibly the best way to reduce the environmental impact of your home is upcycling which has become an increasingly popular way to reduce waste, pollution and demand. This process has similar benefits to buying second hand, with an added element of fun.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok provide loads of useful top tips and tricks for successfully upcycling your old belongings, just search #Upcyling and get scrolling!

There’s plenty of ways to kickstart your sustainability journey and you’ve most definitely started in the right place! We’d love to see your sustainable living solutions, share your pictures with us on Instagram by tagging @MillerHomesUK.